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January 2016

Every Album and EP I Reviewed in 2015

I decided to catalogue all the reviews I did for the various sites I write for and put them all in one post with the links to where you can find the full review.


Matilda’s Scoundrels – Beasts in Disguise – (folk punk) Reviewed for Broken Arrow Magazine

“You can just picture the crazy scenes as this is played live with punks singing and dancing to the song with pints in their hands.”



Antagonist A.D – Haunt Me As I Roam (metalcore) – Reviewed for Broken Arrow Magazine

“There are slight moments of genius that pricked my ears though it is mostly a background music kind of album.”



Deez Nuts – Words Is Bond (hardcore) – Reviewed for Broken Arrow Magazine

“On a whole it is a fantastic hardcore album, but what I loved about the previous Deez Nuts releases, Word Is Bond seems to lack. A heavier Deez Nuts is great, but a funner Deez Nuts is better I’m afraid.”



Bleed Again EP (metal) – Reviewed for Broken Arrow Magazine

“A recommendation for any metal fan, and a sign that UK metal is as strong as ever where break-through acts are concerned.”



Jarrod Alonge – Beating A Dead Horse (parody) –  Reviewed for Broken Arrow Magazine

“Let’s face it, ‘Beating A Dead Horse‘ was always going to be hilarious and awful at the same time with its over the top cliché references of particular genres”



In Hearts Waks – Skydancer (metalcore) –  Reviewed for Broken Arrow Magazine

“Worth a listen if you like metalcore / are a fan of The Ghost Inside, Confession, or Parkway Drive.”



Coal Chamber – Rivals (metal)  –  Reviewed for Broken Arrow Magazine

“‘Rivals’ is a heavier album than anything Coal Chamber have released before. It is closer to being a straight up metal album than the cornered niches of nu metal and industrial (though the influences are still there).”



Haste The Day – Coward (metalcore) –  Reviewed for Broken Arrow Magazine

“Haste The Day are back with fire in their bellies and they are ready to give the Metalcore scene the boot up the ass it needs to keep delivering high quality music.”



Anti-Flag – American Spring (punk-rock)  – Reviewed for Broken Arrow Magazine

“‘American Spring‘ is an album to be patient with. Once you become familiar with the songs they become more enjoyable each time you listen, but they really don’t have the same edge that classic songs like ‘Turncoat’ or ‘The Press Corpse’ have, and never will.”



After The Fall – Dedication (punk-rock)  – Reviewed for Broken Arrow Magazine

“‘Dedication‘ is an enjoyable listen and a recommendation to anyone that listened to the Warped Tour and Punk-o-Rama compilations, the songs would fit in perfectly. If you like these guys, I’d recommend checking out A Wilhelm Scream and Rufio.”



August Burns Red – Found In Far Away Places (metalcore) – Reviewed for Broken Arrow Magazine

“If there is a metal/metalcore album you need to hear this year, listen to Found In Far Away Places. As a goal to push the genre to better itself, August Burns Red have certainly set the bar for other metalcore bands to beat.”



Four Year Strong – Four Year Strong (easycore) – Reviewed for Broken Arrow Magazine

“‘Four Year Strong‘ as an album is a nod that the band are heading in the right direction, capturing the sound that many people fell in love with and recreating to work for bigger crowds.”



Thy Art Is Murder – Holy War (deathcore)  – Reviewed for Broken Arrow Magazine

“The Sydney lads have released possibly the most evil sounds of 2015 so far. They are darker than before, not just musically, but topically too as they battle subjects on racism, child abuse and homophobia.”



Muse – Drones (rock) – Reviewed for Broken Arrow Magazine

“It has been a nice surprise that Matt Bellamy and co are heading back in a direction that will appease some of the older fans.  The album is still too “Radio 1” for my liking but at least this time around it is much more listenable than the pretentious garbage the 3-piece have provided fans over the last 6 years.”



What’s Eating Gilbert – That New Sound You’re Looking For (rock n roll) – Reviewed for Broken Arrow Magazine

“If anyone is expecting more New Found Glory magic, expect to be disappointed. It’s worth a listen if you are into that 50’s-60’s pop rock sound but if not then I’d avoid it. I wouldn’t be surprised if any of these songs ended up on Radio 1’s daytime broadcast.”



Lamb Of God – VII: Sturm Und Drang (metal) – Reviewed for Broken Arrow Magazine

“‘VII: Sturm Und Drang‘ is a certified contender for album of the year. It is a pure pit starter packed with moments of technical genius, epicness and surprises that you don’t really see coming but they still wow you at the same time.”



I Cried Wolf – Hollow Heart (metalcore) – Reviewed for Broken Arrow Magazine

“Ever wondered how Bring Me The Horizon may have sounded in their early years, if they started out with their current alternative heavy rock style instead of their bruising deathcore? Well I Cried Wolf seem to have the answer.”



Terror – The 25th Hour (hardcore) –  Reviewed for Broken Arrow Magazine

‘”The 25th Hour’ is pretty much everything you expect from the L.A bruisers. No bullshit, just simple music full of energy, anger and an open invitation to cause chaos in live crowds.”



Senses Fail – Pull The Thorns From Your Heart (post-hardcore) –  Reviewed for Broken Arrow Magazine

“‘Pull The Thorns From Your Heart‘ is an eye opener, that the quintet still have what it takes to kick some ass. Arguably this is their best work in the past 9 years since ‘Still Searching‘, maximising on its potential to be heavy, yet easy listening.”



Atreyu – Long Live (metal) –  Reviewed for Broken Arrow Magazine

“We have a vast improvement on ‘Congregation of the Damned’. By this I mean the catchiness isn’t actually tedious and will grow on you if you give it a chance.”



Vera Grace – Novella (melodic hardcore) –  Reviewed for Broken Arrow Magazine

“Novella’ is an EP perfect for you to zone out to; to just sit there and take in all the emotion that Vera Grace throw at you.”



Parkway Drive – Ire (metal)  –  Reviewed for Broken Arrow Magazine

“The hardcore fan and the Parkway Drive fan in me that loves ‘Horizons’ wants me to slaughter this album, but I have to take it for what it is; a fresh sound from a band that is continuing to grow and needs to venture away from being one dimensional.”



Hunter Kill Hunter – Find A Way Home (alternative rock) –  Reviewed for Broken Arrow Magazine

“These lads have dropped a hell of a debut release, showing that patience is the key to writing great music; there is sense of maturity in their sound and even the production. It is rare that a first EP sounds so fresh and exciting.”



Great Collapse – Holy War (punk-rock) –  Reviewed for Broken Arrow Magazine

“‘Holy War’ wanders off the path slightly from it’s predecessor, shifting from the hardcore/skate punk approach that we have come to expect from Thomas Barnett‘s bands. Strike Anywhere are rather gritty and you might expect Great Collapse to be the same, but instead they drift into more melodic/pop punk territory for a lot of this album.”



Zebrahead – Walk The Plank (pop-punk) –  Reviewed for Broken Arrow Magazine

“Nineteen years into their career and there are no signs of Zebrahead slowing down. Lots of high energy throughout and lots of fun but a good chance to rock the fuck out too.”



Put Down – Final Thoughts (hardcore)  –  Reviewed for Broken Arrow Magazine

“With so many decent UK hardcore bands calling it quits in the last year or so, when hearing ‘Final Thoughts’ it is a reminder that there are some decent acts still going, and there is hope that the scene is still going strong even if it has hit a bump. Without a doubt Put Down have put out one of the better hardcore EP’s I’ve heard this year.”



Secrets – Everything That Got Us Here (metalcore) – Reviewed for Broken Arrow Magazine

“Secrets have released an album that is armed with ridiculously catchy hooks, merciless breakdowns, and dynamic vocals that flood each track.”



ROAM – Viewpoint EP (pop-punk) – Reviewed for

““Viewpoint” isn’t anything new in the slightest, you can listen to it and get the same feeling that pop punk always has, a sense of joyfulness. You can close your eyes and picture summer, parties, people having fun and that same kind of automatic happy feeling most fans felt when they first heard Blink 182’s “Take off Your Pants and Jacket”.”



Tremonti – Cauterize (Rock) – Reviewed for

“Tremonti have released something of a masterpiece with “Cauterize” and a lot of that is down to the frontman’s talent for creating ear pricking grooves, and melodies to get absolutely lost into.”



Silverstein – I Am Alive In Everything I Touch (post-hardcore) – Reviewed for

““I am Alive in Everything I Touch” is a nod to both nostalgia and growth. There are moments where you feel you are listening to the seminal 2005 release “Discovering the Waterfront”, but at the same time, the group are keeping their sound fresh and relevant.”



Veil Of Maya – Matriarch (deathcore) – Reviewed for

“”Matriarch” is a decent attempt from Veil of Maya at pushing their own boundaries and escaping their comfort zone. Despite the fact that the metallers could easily have chosen to find another deathcore vocalist and continue on the path set by their repertoire hitherto, they have opted for a different one and managed to create a solidly executed metalcore album that could contend with the likes of In Hearts Wake’s recent output.”



We Are Dust – We Are Dust (metalcore) – Reviewed for

“”We Are Dust” as a release is a grower, it took a lot of dissecting to figure out what I liked about it other than the initial atmosphere. If you can get past the fact that the production is far from perfect and take the music for its pure quality of delivery and energy, then this eight track EP works great as an introduction to the band.”



Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! – Get Lost, Find Yourself (easycore) – Reviewed for

““Get Lost, Find Yourself” is a massive step up for Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!. It’s a far more enjoyable listen than any previous release and definitely more impressive than I expected it to be. This could be the real breakthrough album for the French lads.”



Versus The World – Homesick/Roadsick (melodic punk rock) – Reviewed for

““Homesick/Roadsick” is rather more underwhelming than I had expected, and it doesn’t come near touching either of its well-written predecessors. When you consider Chris Flippin’s talents in Lagwagon, and who Versus The World’s peers are in the Californian punk scene, “Homesick/Roadsick” is in fact very average and disappointing.”



Outlands – Grave Mind (metalcore) – Reviewed for

““Grave Mind” is a rather impressive debut from the San Diego lads that has managed to deliver quality far from original, but still entertaining enough without overdoing certain aspects that were beginning to become boring within the genre. There is no overuse of bass drops or electronic effects that were starting to become some kind of inside joke with fans of metalcore”



Wilson – Right To Rise (rock) – Reviewed for

“There is still some way to go, but the potential is there for Wilson to hit similar heights as Black Stone Cherry or even the likes of SOiL given the necessary time. “Right to Rise” is a step up in production, and even though the raw-sounding heaviness of “Full Blast Fuckery” appeals to my personal tastes more, this newer release is a certified door opener to bigger things.”



Hardside – The Madness (hardcore) – Reviewed for

“The Madness” came as a nice surprise, for a style that you wouldn’t exactly say is defunct, but not dominating the scene either, Hardside have delivered an album full of proper meaty grooves, dirty riffs that make it impossible to not bang your head in appreciation.



Popes Of Chillitown – To The Moon (ska punk) – Reviewed for

““To The Moon” is a vital listen and quite possibly the most enjoyable ska-punk album I have heard in recent years. Considering that this album is self-produced and was funded by the means of crowdfunding it is an incredible feat!”



Neck Deep – Life’s Not Out To Get You (pop-punk) – Reviewed for

“Neck Deep continue to push forward as possibly the UK’s best pop punk band going at the moment, especially in popularity. “Life’s Not Out To Get You” just matches that push forward in a sense that Neck Deep are setting an example for the likes of Roam, As It Is and many more to follow.”



Metal Allegiance – Metal Allegiance (metal) – Reviewed for

““Metal Allegiance” as an album is very thrashy, with less prominent elements of prog, rock ’n’roll, hardcore and death metal all thrown in sparingly, and balanced out with finesse.”



Midwayer – Thresholds (metalcore) – Reviewed for

““Thresholds” contains all the right elements you’d want, the vicious harsh vocals, earth shattering riffs, high intensity and energy, the right ingredients to get you pumped to fight some invisible ninjas in the pit.”



Random Hand – Hit Reset (ska-punk) – Reviewed for

““Hit Reset” sounds a lot more professionally produced than previous releases, which all had a rather underground edge to them. This more professional sound is what could push Random Hand into a more mainstream view.”



Counting Days – Liberated Sounds (metallic hardcore) – Reviewed for

“Whether you call this album metal, metallic hardcore or metalcore is your choice. Whatever you decide, it is hard to deny that “Liberated Sounds” is a firm favourite for one of the better albums of the year in either category. Do not sleep on this.”



Heart Of A Coward – Deliverance (metal) – Reviewed for

“The majority of “Deliverance” contains a combination of sheer brutality that comes from metalcore, quality of musicianship that comes from progressive metal influences and a guitar approach that could best be described as djent style riffs.”



For Today – Wake (metalcore) – Reviewed for

“While it feels like For Today will forever be one-dimensional, you could claim the argument of “why try to fix something that isn’t broken?”. Being pigeonholed into a niche certainly works for the Iowa lads as they continue to create metalcore bangers – one after another”



Seconds Alive – Bitter Moments (melodic hardcore) – Reviewed for

” The key feature for “Bitter Moments” is the atmosphere that you can feed off in the emotion, and I imagine that in a crowded room full of fans singing along, the atmosphere will be magical enough to make hairs stand on end.”



Skindred – Volume (ragga metal) – Reviewed for

“The overall atmosphere that Skindred unleash is the same as ever, to party hard or at least rock your socks off, and “Volume” does succeed in that”



Daycare Swindlers – Reradiate (ska punk) – Reviewed for

The album is simple and nice, but not very effective. I don’t think it will be the comeback that most fans will be expecting



Devil You Know – They Bleed Red (metal) – Reviewed for

“The Bleed Red” isn’t an improvement from its predecessor “The Beauty of Destruction”, nor is it less impressive. It feels closer to a continuation, picking up exactly where the previous album left off.”



While She Sleeps – Brainwashed (metalcore) – Reviewed for

“This is an album that has songs catered to work with the crowd a lot more, and to have fans rocking out and singing back more than just be amazed by technical prowess. While She Sleeps have always created music full of energy and intensity, only this time the monstrous atmosphere has grown to a much larger scale.”



Leftöver Crack – Constructs Of The State (Crack Rock) – Reviewed for

“Leftöver Crack have returned with an album that is surprisingly amazing, squashing any doubt that it was churned out for the sake of it. The topics of protesting against politics and police are as relevant now as they were over a decade ago.”



Ganbaru – Declaration (hardcore) – Reviewed for

“What is great is that even with that lack of diversity, no songs overstay their welcome. In fact, we have a 30-minute album full of songs that could create carnage in any room.”



Buried In Verona – Vultures Above, Lions Below (metalcore) – Reviewed for

“Taking a new approach can alienate old fans who don’t like change, but Buried In Verona’s addition of influences in the likes of nu metal, metallic hardcore and anthemic rock is quite possibly the best decision the band have made in years.”



Devil In Me – Soul Rebel (hardcore) – Reviewed for

Compared to most hardcore music, the album is slightly above average, but some enjoyable moments and only one real great highlight isn’t enough to carry it forward as a great album.



Rolo Tomassi – Grievances (mathcore) – Reviewed for

” Rolo Tomassi have improved as songwriters, as the ability to write nice music works well with the heavier side”



Glass Harbour – Distance From Departure (melodic hardcore) – Reviewed for

“The biggest negative is that the quality of this EP is below par when peers in the alternative scene are putting out some really well recorded and mixed EP’s that sound far more professional. This is the first release, so to expect something amazing was never on the cards, but for a future release, I really hope for an improvement.”





A Gigantic Waffle About Star Wars

Note that there will be spoilers in this review, if you haven’t seen it/don’t want to know about what happens. Don’t read any further

Right, most of the world who is interested in Star Wars has now seen Episode VII: The Force Awakens. Everyone who has seen it has had their say in some form, from simple social media posts to full on reviews. I’ve decided to feature the most watched film over Christmas as my first article on Makky Still Likes To Waffle. There are so many things I want to talk about in this not quite review, the article is closer to a long winded piece where I vomit my immediate thoughts about the film as well as explaining pieces of it.

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