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February 2016

On The Open Road – Storyteller: Review

“This EP sounds rather predictable, lots of big hooks, catchy choruses, shoutouts, cool chirpy melodies and crushing breakdowns. Based on the current state of the alternative scene, creatively these guys should blow up in no time, but not through this release. The production really lets it down, I mean if they want it to sound as if they made it in their parent’s garage, then job well done. But this is 2016, only hardcore and gritty punk can pull off the raw vibe well enough. Modern pop-punk sounds a lot more polished and future releases will need much better work on them to really be taken seriously.”

For Fans Of: A Day To Remember, Neck Deep, Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!, and Blink-182

You can read the full review at Broken Arrow Magazine here


Huron – The Dead Stay Dead: Review

“‘The Dead Stay Dead’ is fierce and diverse, it should appeal to various fans of heavy metal and various generations throwing in styles that have been popular over the last 30 odd years. Creatively, it is spot on but what also works with the music is the production of the album. It sounds rather raw, crusty and unpolished. This just makes the distorted riffs sound better and more natural – you can imagine this is exactly how Huron sound live”

For fans of: Killswitch Engage, All That Remains, Chimaira

You can find the full review at Broken Arrow Magazine here.

Faintest Idea at The Union Bar, Hastings: Live Review

Faintest Idea came to Hastings to end a four-day run of shows that stretched across the south of the UK. They returned to The Union Bar for a second time after supporting The Filaments at the end of 2013; which ended up being one of the craziest and most memorable shows the venue had ever seen. With their new album ‘Increasing The Minimum Rage’ due out in April, it was a great way to showcase their new material.

You can read the full review at Broken Arrow Magazine here.

High Hopes – Sights & Sounds: Review

“This was a very welcome addition from the Reading lads, I was highly impressed by their debut and I’m just as impressed with the growth High Hopes have made on this second release – they are still an act for people to keep an eye on. Creatively the quintet is up there with genre leaders, what the band now need is a true anthem to hook more fans in – though that is easier said than done.”

For The Fans Of: The Ghost Inside, Counterparts, Climates

You can read the full review at here.

A Waffle About Deadpool

So most of you have seen Deadpool by now right? So I’m going to talk about how fucking great that movie was. If you’ve not seen the film and don’t want to know anything about it, then don’t read on. Though in all honesty there are no spoilers in this film, the plot is standard and there are no real “shock” moments. It’s just balls to the wall awesome.

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Interview With Pat Thetic From Anti-Flag

I had the opportunity to meet with Pat Thetic, the drummer from Anti-Flag before their set at Sub 89 in Reading on August 7th. After exchanging pleasantries and introductions, we had a decent chat about Rebellion Festival, their latest album ‘American Spring‘, intimate shows and heavy touring, police brutality (we all know the band like to call out the police flaws at any given opportunity) and playing shows in bowling alleys.

“The American police, and I have no idea if this is the same in your culture or in the UK or not, but all the jackasses I went to high school with became police officers, and I’m sure that guy was also jackass in high school and became a police officer, just to show everyone else how much of a tough badass he can be, now he’s a fucking shithead and should be on trial.” Pat on the Sandy Bland incident.

Read the full interview for Broken Arrow Magazine here

Defy Your Dreams – Symphonies Of The Unknown: Review

“The Bremen quintet have recently released their first full-length album, “Symphonies Of The Unknown” as a follow-up to their debut EP “Curtains”, released back in 2013. In that time Defy Your Dreams have had a bit of a switch around in vocal duties and style of sound. Benjamin Stelter steps in to help the Germans trade in their all-out metallic hardcore sound, which was mostly full of deep chugs, breakdowns, and low pitched roars, for something more anthemic and melodic”

For The Fans Of: Crossfaith, Silverstein, early-While She Sleeps

Full review can be found at here

Stick To Your Guns perform ‘Diamond’ in full at the Camden Underworld: Live Review

I went to see Californian metallic hardcore outfit Stick To Your Guns pull of the best show I have seen in a very long time as they performed their album’Diamond’ in its entirety. Stray From The Path also kick some major ass on the night, as well as Counterparts and Wolf Down, who just released their album ‘Incite & Conspire’ (which I reviewed here) at the beginning of this tour.

It was a night to remember, the full review can be read at Broken Arrow Magazine here

Parkway Drive at Brixton Academy, London: Live Review

I saw Parkway Drive for the tenth time, at a venue they should have headlined years back, but it was worth the wait hear 4,000 or so fans go absolutely crazy for the metalcore heavyweights. Supporting them on the night were Bury Tomorrow, who had just released their album Earthbound which I also reviewed here, but for Broken Arrow Magazine. Thy Art Is Murder opened the evening so show they are still strong without vocalist CJ McMahon, who recently left the band.

The full review can be found at here

I also reviewed Parkway Drive’s ‘Ire’ album, and Thy Art Is Murder’s ‘Holy War’ album for Broken Arrow Magazine last year, which you can find at the links below.



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