So most of you have seen Deadpool by now right? So I’m going to talk about how fucking great that movie was. If you’ve not seen the film and don’t want to know anything about it, then don’t read on. Though in all honesty there are no spoilers in this film, the plot is standard and there are no real “shock” moments. It’s just balls to the wall awesome.

I’m going start by saying that this is not a superhero movie, it’s an anti-hero movie, and while I’m not a reader of the comics, I know a lot of the fans were happy with how Deadpool was handled.

The intro of this film set the tone that it was not going to be a serious film, yet we all knew this anyway right? Just from the credits, to the movie score, the way they didn’t use actor’s names, but amusing terms of “hot girlfriend”, “British Villain” and “comedic best friend”, amusing shit like that had the cinema laughing instantly. Then rolling into Deadpool’s scene in the taxi, messing around with windows, flicking gum, the conversation with the driver. It; was nearly endless little comments and mannerism that kept the film so funny throughout.

The humour was a major part of the film and it is safe to say it will be one of the funniest films all year. Another side is the out and out violence that lead to the film being rated – R. If Deadpool was released ten years earlier it might have even been given an 18 certificate in the UK. It was that intense, we see so much gore, yet it either made you wince or laugh. Though probably both based on how harsh it looked, then followed by the humorous line. Like the headshots, to getting shot in the anus and saying “Right up Maine Street”, Deadpool cutting his own arm off and referencing “127 Hours”. It was still hilarious, no matter how brutal it was. A clear favourite moment was when Deadpool referred to a villain being “stuck like fucking kebab” while holding him in the air before slicing him in two.


Ryan Reynolds was born for this role, he is essentially playing himself, fun and immature and incredibly innovative in swearing; calling Colossus a “big chrome cock gobbler” had me in stitches. Even the campaign for the movie, like him acting as Deadpool for an interview, or an advert for checking your balls for cancer. “I’m touching myself tonight”.

The romance and origin segment in this film was well played out, they had to throw in some serious stuff, like the reason why Wade Wilson became Deadpool just to give you a rest from laughing so much. Though a lot of that was very funny too. The way we are introduced to Wilson was great, as he threatened to pizza guy, then to meeting Vanessa with the back and forth of who had the worst childhood. The sex scenes between Wade and Vanessa for the different calender dates were brilliant; the face teeth for oral on halloween and the pegging for international womens day received a lot of laughs. It’s safe to say thay international womens day will never be the same again. The love story evolved quickly, you can see the two really cared for eachother but then the dread cancer came between them

vanessa pool

In a chance to cure it, Wilson left Vanessa without saying goodbye and entered a program to turn Wilson into a mutant. Now here is our British villain, Ajax (or Francis a Deadpool liked to remind him). A pretty decent bad guy, very cocky and sinister with his intentions throughout. Without delving into it too much, the “cure” didn’t go how Wilson expected. It transformed him in to what looks like “A testicle with teeth” as the film suggested. From that moment on Deadpool’s quest was to make Francis turn him back to what he was before so he can return to the love of his life. The plot then gets very standard by Deadpool having to save the girl from the bad guy. Not that this was a bad thing, the humour and violence is what made the film so great.

What also helped the film massively was the array of great side characters for Deadpool to bounce his humour off. Starting with Wade’s best friend Weasel, the banter between the two is amazing. Dopinder the taxi driver, Angel Dust who was Francis’ sidekick and Blind Al is a surley old blind lady who is Deadpool’s housemate.Lastly the most important appearance was the X-Men, well two of them (as Deadpool liked to comment as if the studio could only afford two). The recognisable Colossus and not so recognisable¬†Negasonic Teenage Warhead. All of those additions were vital for Deadpool’s gags.


I’m giving this film a 10/10 for how funny it was alone, the violence and the great characters were a real bonus too. I couldn’t care that the plot was standard. Everything else about the film made it one of the best marvel films I have ever seen. I still think Guardians is my favourite but I’m a massive sci-fi fan.

The fact that this was a rated-R comic book movie that broke all kinds of box office records for this type of film just shows who is really watching these films. It has even opened the door for more comic book movies to be rated-R. The next Wolverine has been confirmed to be R rated, and fans are getting all excited to see the violent Wolverine film they have all been waiting for.