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March 2016

American Head Charge – Tango Umbrella: Review

The band slaloms in and out of various genres and influences and, while that is interesting and brave, is never really satisfies. There are moments of creative brilliance, but the shifting around makes you want Head Charge to choose one direction or the other – be atmospheric or be brutal and angry. With songs like ‘Perfectionist’ and ‘Let All The World Believe’, the heavier side wins flat out.

For Fans Of: Coal Chamber, Mushroomhead, The Defiled

The full review can be found at Broken Arrow Magazine here


Faintest Idea – Increasing The Minimum Rage: Review

“Everything about this album has blown away any of the expectations I previously had, and those expectations were already high. For a ska-punk fan, this is an essential release and I will be surprised if this doesn’t make my album of the year list come December.”

For The Fans Of: Random Hand, The Filaments, Popes Of Chillitown

Full review can be found at here


The Bennies – Wisdom Machine: Review

“This is possibly the most diverse sounding ska-punk album I’ve heard as far as all the different influences that are thrown in, and too many ingredients sometimes ruin the mix but The Bennies manage to pull it off.”

For The Fans Of: Sublime, Morning Glory, NOFX

You can find the full review at here


Interview with Faintest Idea

“We’re the first generation in about a century to be poorer than our parents” – Dani

We spoke to Dani from Faintest Idea on the build up to their highly anticipated album ‘Increasing The Minimum Rage’. We touched on new members, the writing process with popular ska producer Hieronymus Melchers and the world problems that drive Faintest Idea to write songs

Read the full interview at Broken Arrow Magazine here

Morning Glory – Post War Psalms: Review

“If you liked ‘War Psalms’, you should like ‘Post War Psalms’ based on how similar it sounds. Though Ezra has admitted these songs were written around the same time. It’s not the Morning Glory I fell in love with but I can’t help but admire the talent in writing big punk hooks, and the great atmosphere provided by each song.”

For fans of: Against Me, The Flatliners

Read the full review at Broken Arrow Magazine here

Killswitch Engage – Incarnate: Review

‘Incarnate’ is everything a Killswitch Engage fan can ask for in a sense of keeping to their roots while experimenting and looking to evolve their sound.”

For fans of: Unearth, Shadows Fall, All That Remains

You can find the full review at Broken Arrow Magazine here

A Waffle On Batman vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice

I know it’s release weekend but I saw Batman vs Superman yesterday and decided that I need to get a few things off my chest on it. Once again there will be spoilers in this feature so if you haven’t seen the film, please don’t read on.

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CABAL – Purge: Review

‘Purge’ is a decent EP for evil sounding music – it’s great for a headbang but also may divide opinion for fans of deathcore. More recent acts have thrown in a lot more components to keep their sound fresh, Emmure for one, threw in electronic sound effects and bouncier beats to their heavy sound. Others use over the top guitars and if you want something more than simplistic chugs and deep growls then this EP might not be the one for you. If you just want something heavy to go nuts to, that is similar to modern day beatdown, then it’s worth a listen.

For fans of: Black Tongue, Oceano, Thy Art Is Murder

You can find the full review for Broken Arrow Magazine here

Machine Head at Eventim Apollo, London: Live Review

I caught Machine head perform for two hours and 45 minutes with no support acts. Something that is rare in the metal world. It was an epic evening as Machine Head performed a handful their 10 minute masterpieces and some rarities along with usual classics.

Read the full review at here

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