Now I know that Daredevil season 2 has only been out for a few days, so I respect that barely anyone has had a chance to watch all of it yet. SO! please only read this if you have watched all of season 2 as this will contain spoilers.

what are my initial thoughts on season 2? well I liked it, it was a really good season.  it must have been if I watched all 13 episodes in such quick succession. was it as good as or better than season 1? I’m going to say no, but I’m not going to discredit season 2 too much.


This is going to be completely opinionated so if you don’t agree, oh well that’s your opinion. I think the best thing about season 2 was The Punisher character, there was a lot of hype around his appearances and it certainly wasn’t disappointing. His fight scenes were pure “holy shit” moments, especially in the prison corridor. Jon Bernthal is by far the best incarnation of The Punisher/Frank Castle, no bullshit, purely violent and written into this series perfectly. I’m seriously hoping he gets his own tv show.

I just think this season was too congested with subplots. You had The Punisher and his revenge, Elektra and Stick vs The Hand, Wilson Fisk becoming the prison kingpin and the Daredevil caught between it all at once, it was a lot to take in and a lot to root for. Season 1 seemed a lot more straightforward. Everyone was working for or with Wilson Fisk, so he was the end game for Daredevil.

Then you had the exploding relationships between Matt Murdock and the friends that really cared about him, Matt being so needlessly secretive that it tore his friendships and law firm apart. I’ve not read the comics so I don’t know how true to them this went, if it followed the comics then fair play I won’t argue too much, but I don’t think this was a right move. I like my simple victories and everything to work out in the end kind of plots. what was cool though was Foggy getting a job offer from Jeri Hogarth who appeared in Jessica Jones, linking those shows together was great.


On the topic of Foggy, he suddenly became a badass in this series. Out of nowhere he grew some balls and became a fantastic lawyer. I was rooting for him in pretty much every law battle he went into, especially against the bitch DA. Karen too became a lot more likeable in this series, following the footsteps of Ben Urich, the journalist in season 1 was a nice touch.


Karen’s love life with Matt seemed pointless in this season unless it was just to suggest that it is a possibility for the future. I’m aware they get together in the comics, but it just felt needless to put into this series to break it off a few episodes later because of Elektra. Matt’s romance with Elektra made more sense, reluctance because she broke his heart, but he clearly still held a torch for her.


Elektra as a character was cool, her being unveiled as Stick’s protege caught me off guard though it should have been expected, and it was nice to tie the characters together. I knew in the comics she dies but I wasn’t expecting her to actually be killed off in this. Though it looks like they might be bringing her back? I can’t tell if that pot is a coffin or a way to revive Elekta as Black Sky.


Bad guys –  well I’ve touched on The Punisher, but what about The hand?  These guys were pretty hardcore, ninjas that pushed Daredevil to learn some new skills to fight be able to fight them.Stick teaching Matt that listening to heartbeats was kids stuff and that he needed to listen out for their breathing was brilliant. The problem with The Hand is that they are still too much of a mystery to anyone who hasn’t read the comics, apart from the fact they are good at fighting and follow a prophecy, we don’t know too much about them.

Wilson Fisk – There was not enough Wilson Fisk, he was the best thing about season 1 and I was so excited to see him in season 2 for the small amount of screen time he had. Watching him convince The Punisher to do his bidding, and then take over the prison was genius. And then to batter Murdock in the prison room was brutal.

I’ve moaned a lot, but it’s still a great season to watch. It’s equally as brutal as the first season, equally as dark. And I liked the continuity with Jessica Jones. I think I would have liked more subtle mentioning to the rest of the MCU like Jessica Jones did, just a mere mention of the films would have been great to let us know they know what else is going on outside of Hells Kitchen.