I know it’s release weekend but I saw Batman vs Superman yesterday and decided that I need to get a few things off my chest on it. Once again there will be spoilers in this feature so if you haven’t seen the film, please don’t read on.

First of all I think all of the negativity towards the film is a massive overreaction. It’s not a great film, but it’s definitely not as bad as Man Of Steel was, and both films are nowhere near the level of shit that was Batman & Robin. Batman vs Superman was just very average. It was very long, had a lot of build up to a fight that barely lasted and ended so abruptly.

The tone of the film was similar to Man Of Steel,  it was dark and moody. Perhaps even more so with the addition of Batman. It was not what modern Marvel films have been doing with lots of shiny costumes and daytime fight scenes. It was not a film overloaded with action and little story, BVS was kind of the opposite. There was almost too much story, it was overloaded with needless build up bullshit that could have been cut down a great deal.

Batfleck was fantastic in this film, he was possibly the best character in it and I’m sure he proved many people wrong about the role. He was a great Bruce Wayne and Batman, I loved the grizzled older look and no bullshit attitude to the alien (Superman) that acted how he liked on his planet. Batman was willing to do what it takes to make earth safer. Alfred played by Jeremy Irons has to be the best Alfred ever, Michael Caine was great, but Irons was sassy and hilarious and a great addition to this film.

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Lex Luthor was a puzzle to me, I love the character and Jesse Eisenberg’s portrayal of him, but I couldn’t really figure out what Luthor’s end game was. What was his ambition? was it just to have Batman and Superman kill each other? was it to be the master of an alien super race? does he want to be president? We know nothing about what was really driving Luthor to do what he did. But I still enjoyed the character, he was humorous yet sadistic.

There was not enough Wonder Woman in this film. I know she wasn’t a key character to the main plot, but there was so much hype on her and Gal Gadot that I was really expecting more screen time. They could have shown more of Diana Prince at least. She was great for the most part though. Noticeably it’s the new characters in this universe I enjoyed more, it’s the ones from Man Of Steel not so much. I found Lois annoying, Superman and Clark bugged me as much as they did in Man Of Steel. It’s the new characters that carry this film


They really didn’t need to bring back Jonathan Kent for a scene, Costner isn’t the most inspiring person in that role. Martha Kent was also only useful for the scene she gets rescued by Batman, all so they can further the plot and show Batman being badass.

While we’re on the topic of things that weren’t needed,  did they really need the whole Waynes street murder scene again? We’ve seen that in various incarnations, we know what happens. It’s a useless scene and wasted screen time, even though I do like Jeffrey Dean Morgan as an actor. It’s like killing off uncle Ben in Spiderman, we know the story, I just don’t need to see it happen again. I will be so angry if they do that in the next Spiderman film.


The fights were great and shit at the same time. I mean it was as brutal as I was hoping once Batman took away Supermans powers and they were sort of on a level playing field. Watching Batman pummel superman made up for how shit Man of Steel was and that was Superman’s punishment for such a terrible movie. There were moments where I was giggling to myself at how funny certain moves looked, especially the kitchen sink bit. I hated how the fight ended because both of their parents were called Martha, just seems really lame to me.

I personally think that it would have worked better in a way the trailers made it look, I originally was expecting that Doomsday would interrupt the fight and that Batman and Superman would have to settle their differences quickly to defeat a common enemy. While they did do that and the common enemy was Lex at first before Doomsday. How easily Batman became allies with Superman didn’t sit well with me. You’ve nearly killed each other, then suddenly you’re on your way to save the enemies mother, ok then. That scene was fucking badass though.


The fight with Doomsday was better than I was expecting. I had my reservations about using him at all, I know how badass he really his and it just seemed like they used the character too early in the series if they plan to do a DCU like Marvel are doing. His origin isn’t true to what I know from the comics, but let’s face it, they will change things to suit their plots. Doomsday was almost as unbeatable as I wanted him to be, and I’m glad they had the spikes grow the more powerful he became because in the trailers he just looks like a shitty CGI monster.

Again that fight was great and shit at the same time, for the most part, Batman was useless, other than to dodge him and eventually use the Kryptonite smoke grenade, Wonder Woman was great for the brief period she played in the fight, really went hard on Doomsday. Now, superman. You are fighting the biggest enemy you have ever faced, I get you taking the time to rescue your loved one and to get the spear that will kill Doomsday, but that kissing segment that was clearly wasted time was not needed, especially as the monster was beating up your allies. it was super cheesy and it made me so angry. Priorities man, KILL THE MONSTER.


The Justice League hints were not subtle, and I liked that. We all know that was the end goal of this film, to trigger the start of the Justice League. I liked how each character was introduced too, instead of having them randomly show up for action. Which would have been silly. But just the discovered research of them, showing they exist was cool. I liked the S.T.A.R labs hint too.

Hints that Suicide Squad will be a prequel, the line that Gotham has already dealt with clowns is a strong nod that the events of Suicide Squad will happen before the events of BVS. I was always looking forward to that film more, and I don’t think this information changes my excitement, but I do have high hopes that it will be more fun to watch.

I’d watch it again, but in the comfort of my own home and a softer seat. The film dragged and my ass was distractingly numb by the end of the film. I feel that the tone and atmosphere of the film was more important than the entertainment and hooking value of the film. And while visually the film was compelling, the story and dialogue weren’t the best. I haven’t read the comics so I can’t tell how true to the story they were  but I bet it could have been told in shorter time, or with some more exciting scenes.