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May 2016

Belvedere – ‘The Revenge of the Fifth’: Album Review

A lot of the factors that stand out on the opener remain strong throughout ‘The Revenge of the Fifth’, and the overall tone of the album doesn’t change a great deal. For the most part, this is an out and out punk album designed to incite a high-intensity reaction in any crowd. Perhaps the only noticeable feature is that you can sense a maturity in this release. The band have admitted they have suddenly found themselves twelve years older and a good deal wiser than when they last recorded. This has reflected in the lyrics and the feel of the album, as a more melodic side to the band does seep through on occasion. In general, this is a great returning album and certainly worth a listen of any punk fan.

For fans of: Bad Religion, 1208, Lagwagon

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Tremonti – Dust: Album Review

After “Cauterize” I didn’t think I could be any more impressed with Tremonti’s musicianship. But, everything that stood out on last year’s effort has improved greatly on “Dust”. The Guitar work is both heavier and alluring, the choruses are more hooking, the melodies and the vocals are equally glamorous and powerful in places. All in all, this is festival headlining material.

For The Fans Of: Alter Bridge, SOiL, Black Stone Cherry

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Broken Teeth – At Peace Amongst Chaos: Album Review

While I’m quite surprised by this release, I’m not disappointed in the slightest and it looks as if the only way for Broken Teeth is upwards in terms of popularity. While “At Peace Amongst Chaos” could divide opinion of older fans that want more of a violent sound, the “metal” tone is certainly going to hook in a wider audience range.

For The Fans Of: Breaking Point, Hatebreed, Terror, Knuckledust

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Hatebreed – The Concrete Confessional: Album Review

It is understandable at this point in their career why some people might be bored with Hatebreed by now, but why fix what isn’t broken? For those who are happy to listen to meaty hooks inspired by thrash punk then this just another great album for pit warriors to lose their shit to. What else do you really want from Hatebreed?

 For The Fans Of: Terror, Madball, Slayer
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Elessar – Reflections: EP Review

The great thing about ‘Reflections’ is that it isn’t niche; it hasn’t pigeonholed itself to appeal to fans of a certain style, and it should hook in people that are open to various genres within the alternative music scene and even the mainstream world. These tracks are certainly good enough and hooking enough to be on Radio 1 – this is a brilliant self-released effort.

For fans of Silverstein, The Blackout, Scary Kids Scaring Kids

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Some of you may have noticed I’m sort of the resident reviewer of most things related to hardcore music atBroken Arrow. Though while I’ve been covering some of the bigger, more popular acts like Terror and Deez Nuts, a handful of lesser-known acts have gone unnoticed or without a review. So here is to playing catch up with a couple of EP releases I have discovered so far this year, and a couple that have only recently been released that deserve a lot of attention.

This feature reviews Salt Wound’s ‘Headspace’ EP, Belief System’s Debut EP, Beer Money’s ‘I Beerieve’ EP and Dropset’s ‘No Gods’ demo.

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FAULTLINES – All We’ve Ever Known

FAULTLINES are a breath of fresh air on the UK alternative scene and I’m more than impressed at how good this debut release sounds. A lot of effort has clearly been put into the songwriting and production. It’s punchy and brutal, yet so hooking and in some ways elegant in its delivery. The Leeds outfit have managed to appeal to the sides in me that like to break shit, whilst I can pretend I have a good enough voice to sing along.

For fans of: Sleeping With Sirens, In Hearts Wake, Bury Tomorrow

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BarCreeps – The Hour Between Dog And Wolf: Single Review

This is a nice example of what to expect from BarCreeps when they do release an album, though I was expecting something less melodic punk and with more oomph based on the band’s original description. However, it is just a teaser with more to come so I look forward to hearing new material.

For fans of : Bad Religion, Lagwagon, Millencolin

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