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June 2016

Moralist – Bitterness Lays In Wasted Times: EP Review

“Considering this is a debut release from a band that hasn’t been together very long, a lot of what I’m impressed with is the production of “Bitterness Lays In Wasted Times”. How the quintet has managed to deliver such a crisp sounding EP this early in their career is amazing. What does let the EP down is how most of the songs sound too similar. Individually great tracks with nice technicality and emotion, but four tracks in a row blend into sixteen minutes of the same thing. It’s not unique but there are some plus sides to take away from a decent debut.”

For The Fans Of: Glass Harbour, While She Sleeps, The Ghost Inside
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RxR – Fallout 5: Album Review

“There are a lot of borrowed styles and influences that stand out on ‘Fallout 5’, but it plays as a fun guessing game of “who do they sound like?”. That isn’t to discredit any song, they are catchy in their own way with the hooking and sometimes repetitive choruses, I dare you not to sing along at the end of‘Proving Me Wrong’. Overall, this is a fun little album to stick on.”

For fans of: Bad Religion, Lagwagon, The Offspring, Rancid

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The Hostiles – Last Call: Album Review

“As a big fan of both the fun and the aggressive, hearing the two sides of ska punk smashed together in the way that The Hostiles have just puts a massive smile on my face. Listening to one extreme balance the other out is quite beautiful. The Hostiles have smashed any expectations I had for this album. ‘Last Call’ has also continued to reignite some spark into an already bright UK ska scene. We need more albums like this.”

For fans of: Reel Big Fish, Big D and the Kids Table, Capdown, Random Hand

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Waffle on Game Of Thrones Season Six

I did plan to do episodic waffles but other commitments got in the way. So, here is an overall sum up of my thoughts on season six of Game Of Thrones. This will be riddled with spoilers from the whole season.

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For I Am King – Daemons: Album Review

The paradigm of the album barely shifts from this. ‘Daemons’ is full of pit starting anthems and pure headbangers as well as hits for the air guitarists and drummers out there. For I Am King have truly come out with full force to put their stamp on the metal scene. It’s rare that I hear a modern metal band sound so intense. ‘Daemon’ shouts for people to take notice, and you should.

For fans of: Arch Enemy, Darkest Hour, In Flames, The Agonist

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Direct Hit! – Wasted Mind: Album Review

I went into ‘Wasted Mind’ with high expectations and I’m not disappointed in the slightest. Direct Hit! have reinvigorated the pop-punk genre by keeping it fresh and exciting, without sounding too much like the majority of their current peers. It’s mostly an album laced with happy vibes and party anthems but the occasional additions of angst-ridden songs are more than welcome as the variety flowed. For those that loved listening to Blink 182 andSum 41 in the early 2000s will surely love this album.

For fans of Blink 182, Sum 41, NOFX, Lagwagon

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Interview with Adam Carroll of Zoax

“If we ever get offered main stage, WE….ARE….THERE with the biggest smiles on our faces.”

We had a chat with Zoax frontman Adam Carroll shortly after their weekend at Download Festival. We touched on their festival experiences and highlights, what it feels like to have a job and be in a band at the same time, NXTat Download and their entertaining live performances.

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Interview with John Alfredsson of Avatar

“There were warriors who choose to get up early today to see us at eleven am. I’m very happy for that and thankful.”

We spoke to Avatar drummer John Alfredsson shortly after their set to talk about their festival experiences, how Download compares to other festivals and the first ever Download Festival in France.

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Interview with Griffin Dickinson of Shvpes

“You get a glimpse of the mainstage and you can get an idea of what it could be like in the future. It’s really encouraging.”

We spoke to Shvpes vocalist Griffin Dickinson after their set at Download Festival. We talked about what is in store for Shvpes in the future, lasting memories of the festival and how the atmosphere is so much different atDownload compared to anywhere else.

Read the full interview at Broken Arrow Magazine here

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