I did plan to do episodic waffles but other commitments got in the way. So, here is an overall sum up of my thoughts on season six of Game Of Thrones. This will be riddled with spoilers from the whole season.

Season six has been the best season by a country mile, from containing the funniest episodes and segments to some of the most shocking and all out brilliant. “Battle of the Bastards” has been rated as the best television episode ever by some people.


The season was heartbreaking in terms of learning the truth about Hodor (HOLD THE DOOR 😦 ) and watching him die in such a savage way and sacrificial way to keep Bran alive. Fuck sake Bran, it’s all your fault, all of this is your fault. Also, seeing the sacrifice that Wun Wun the wildling giant took to help the new king of the north, Jon Snow defeat his enemy was so sad.


Let’s face it, we were all more upset about the giant than Rickon. who doesn’t know that you should zig zag when someone shoots anything in your direction. Don’t be such an easy target you moron. But overall this has been the most satisfying in terms of events,  The Hound returned to his foul-mouthed violent self and it was fantastic, plus Jon and Sansa reunited and teamed up to take Winterfell back from Ramsey Bolton.


I’m almost upset to see Ramsey die, he was an asshole but a brilliant one, probably the best bad guy in the show. He was certainly the most sadistic. Daenerys Targaryen has full grown dragons, some of the Greyjoy army, an army of unsullied and some ships along with the best pair of advisors in the seven kingdoms. It also looks like she has the Tyrells and Martells too.Right now she seems unstoppable, and this is after she burned the Dothraki leaders and stole their army.


We got incredibly satisfying deaths, the fucking high sparrow and his religious following were killed by wildfire,  I did not see that coming along with everyone else in the sept. The whole thing blew up, what the shit! I was hoping Margaery would at least escape. Walder Frey killed by Arya was another moment that came out of fucking nowhere, and she fed his sons to him in a pie first, how savage! King Tommen just walking out of a window in the most comedic fashion. Shittest king so far, he was pointless so I’m glad hhe’sdead. I miss the brilliant character that was Robert Baratheon, he was hilarious.


More funny moments, Tyrion stole the show with funny segments. His chats with Greyworm and Missandei were awkwardly hilarious. Him meeting the dragons for the first time and his “Don’t eat the help” line had me in hysterics, along with watching Ser Gregor/ Zombie Mountain just smashing that man’s face against the wall.


There have been some new characters were all love already but mostly it has to be the young Lady Lyanna Mormont, she has more balls than anyone on the show. She’ll end up on the Iron Throne one day. My hope is that final ever episode shows her as queen many years later, telling this whole show as a story to her children.


By now you most likely would have heard about R+L=J, the show’s most talked about theory that was finally actually confirmed in the season finale. Now we know for sure – Jon is not Ned Stark’s bastard, but the son of his sister Lyanna and Rhaegar Targaryen. Having that scene where little baby Jon blending into the scene showing adult Jon gain support from the north is rather poetic. Especially as Lyanna Mormont, who shares the same name as his mother, gives the most support.


Our view on the odd character has changed over time, you start to like Jaime Lannister more and more as the show progresses, the way he backhands the Freys with his metal hands is pure class. That look he gives Cersei at the end of the season is a worrying one, he did not look pleased. Alliser Thorne becomes almost likeable just before he is hung, He was honourable in his own way.


After all the shit Melisandre has done, she is almost forgiven for bringing back Jon, almost. I started to like her on screen more, but I won’t be too upset when I expect she will meet her demise. Watching her turn old and the emphasis on the necklace made no sense to me, there is a massive plot hole where in a previous season we have seen her without her necklace and still looking the same.


Let’s talk about the crap stuff in this season, because there is some of it. Arya’s storyline was dragged out way too long for my liking. It became boring to watch until the end of episode 7 and most of episode 8. The religious stuff was becoming tedious too, I was not a fan of that story arc in the slightest and I’m glad it’s over.


I’m intrigued with where this will go, my hopes are that Kings Landing will be attacked from the north and from Daenerys as the season unfolds, with Jon and Daenerys joining forces to then start preparing the fight against the white walkers in the final season. And to mention them, there still hasn’t been enough of the white walkers on screen. But it was cool to see how they became what they are.


Little Finger will try to drive a wedge between Sansa and Jon, my theory is that Arya will get back to Winterfell first before he does any real damage.I have a feeling that the core storylines will come off how the fans want them, just the odd main character we like will get sacrificed for shock value along the way like this season. My money is Varys to get a bigger chop next season.


My other hopes are that there is more of Bronn, there was not enough of Bronn. Plus I really want to see Tormund get Brienne, his looks towards here were the funniest things in the whole series. Please make this work.

My last comments are on how amazing the music was in the season finale, the use of the cellos in the intro was sublime and throughout the episode the music carried so much emotion that we have never seen in a previous Game of Thrones episode. It gave the episode a real epic feel to it.

Season 7 has a lot to live up to but i think it will continue to amaze