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July 2016

Despised Icon – Beast: Album Review

“…while a lot of deathcore bands are pushing to be more brutal, effortlessly chugging their way through each song, Despised Icon break from that trend by throwing in influences that demand more grooves than a senselessly heavy sound.”

For The Fans Of: The Acacia Strain, Napalm Death, Biohazard, Madball

Find the full review at here


Blink 182 – California: Album Review

“As a long-term fan, I am more than happy with this release. Quite frankly I’m blown away by how much it has impressed me. There is an equal sense of nostalgia and progress. As stated in a previous feature, I was certainly expecting something better than the last couple of albums. But, to expect ‘California’ to full on make up for the disappointment that was ‘Neighbourhoods’ wasn’t originally on the cards. It feels safe to say the real Blink 182has returned.”

For fans of: Sum 41, New Found Glory, All Time Low

Read the full review at Broken Arrow Magazine here

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