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September 2016

Endurance Zine Reviews

I did a couple of reviews for the uniquely designed Endurance Zine. While Rockfreaks and Broken Arrow are designed to look like websites with individual articles. Endurance is set up to be read like a magazine, clicking through pages of reviews and more.

For Endurance, I reviewed “Sanitorium Freedom” by The Royal Blasphemy and “All Is Hell” by Vanna. Below are a some snippets of each review with links to find the full articles

“Sanitorium Freedom” by The Royal Blasphemy

“It is refreshing to hear this type of metal again from some new blood. The leading metal acts these days are going too poppy and radio friendly, The likes of Bullet For My Valentine and Atreyu who broke through in the last decade are producing some really polished anthems, quite clean cut. Then there is The Royal Blasphemy coming in to mess things up again”

“All Is Hell” by Vanna

““All Is Hell” is an album that is completely nihilistic and dark in nature. Vanna has revealed their monsters to us, and within this confession have delivered an album with pure honest intentions and music that matches the emotions. The raw atmosphere feels unparalleled compared to many of this year’s releases.”


Wonk Unit – Mr Splashy : Review

For the most part then, “Mr Splashy” is highly enjoyable, and everything one expects from Wonk Unit. From the childish “ba-ba-ba” chants in the opening track “Awful Jeans” to the somewhat off-key singing in the album closer, “We are the England”, the mannerisms of the band remain largely the same. A lot of it feels as if the London band is the answer to the immature side of NOFX, and no other United Kingdom-based outfit has come even close to replicating the same level of adolescence in their lyricism and delivery of songs.

For The Fans Of: NOFX, Revenge of the Psychotronic Man, Moral Dilemma

Find the full review at here

Sanity Check – Slaves To A System: EP Review

‘Slaves To A System’ is a major improvement compared to a demo that was already pretty decent. Sanity Checkreally has stepped up their game and I look forward to hearing more in the future. The EP contains everything you really want in a hardcore release; killer hooks, aggressive vocals, inviting gang shout segments, pure energy and a mixture of fun and violence.”

For fans of: War Charge, Survival, Broken Teeth, Cruel Hand

Find the full review at Broken Arrow Magazine here

Hercules Morse – Equine Size Comparison: EP Review

“The five songs within “Equine Size Comparison” are loaded with all the right factors and talent to push the Southampton lads forward. There’s an abundance of melody and harmony, musically and vocally. The grooves are captivating and lively, and there is also a great handful of guitar solos to sink your teeth into. The choruses have the same hooking factor that a lot of contemporary pop songs have, which wouldn’t make it surprising to hear these songs get a lot more radio play over the next year or so.”

For The Fans Of: Queens of the Stone Age, Foo Fighters, Eagles of Death Metal, Wolfmother

Find the full review at here

The Interrupters – Say It Out Loud: Review

““Say It Out Loud” is another one of those albums that just feels like part two of its predecessor. No real changes. But, it’s hard to complain when every song is great. Every song makes you want to either dance around or rock out, and they all certainly make you want to lose your voice singing along. When an album can make you want to see the band live, then what does it matter if it’s far from original? The Interrupters can keep doing what they do and won’t have to worry about alienating their fans.”

For The Fans Of: Rancid, The Distillers, Tim Armstrong (solo)

Read the full review at here


A Day To Remember – Bad Vibrations: Review

A Day To Remember are leaders in their genre so they didn’t really need to step it up, but ‘Bad Vibrations’ will spark love from fans of their heavier material again. Especially after the toned down ‘Common Courtesy’. For now, none of these songs really stand out to be of ADTR greatest hits quality, but give it time. A few of these songs will be equally as popular as the likes of ‘All I Want’ and ‘The Downfall Of Us All’. Have fun kicking ass to these songs.

For fans of: Chunk? No! Captain Chunk!, Four Year Strong, Pierce The Veil

Find the full review at Broken Arrow Magazine here

Fallen To Flux – Transitions: Review

“Fallen To Flux continuously switches between songs destined to be hooking singles and some beautifully written epic masterpieces. The styles thrown in show influences from various eras and genres: I even sense some mid-00’s post-hardcore in the vein of The Used (if you take away the angst and aggression of that band) along with modern pop-punk and straight up British heavy rock.”

For The Fans Of: Don Broco, Deaf Havana, We Are The Ocean

Read the full review at here

Wotsit Called Fest 2016: Review

Wotsit Called Fest follows the growing trend of Hastings punk shows with large lineups; much like Hastings Punk Fest has over the last couple of years. Toxic Wotsit promotions, run by a couple of members in Matilda’s Scoundrels, had the brilliant idea of bringing their friends from up North down to party with us in the South.

Featuring sets from Faintest Idea, Revenge of the Psychotronic Man, Nosebleed, Matilda’s Scoundrels, Bono, No Ta and The Barracks.

“Overal this has been one of the funnest shows I have seen at The Union Bar in a long time. A massive shout out toDan and Jens at Toxic Wotsit for organising the show. Also huge credit goes out to the Manchester and Leeds bands for bringing their mates down to the south coast. Never before have I seen so many cheesy puff snacks thrown around at a show, or has the TUB wall hole been used to signal a rebirth. Wotsit Called Fest, you have been a strange but wonderful event. We all await the follow up in 2017.”

Read the full review at Broken Arrow Magazine here.

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