I did a couple of reviews for the uniquely designed Endurance Zine. While Rockfreaks and Broken Arrow are designed to look like websites with individual articles. Endurance is set up to be read like a magazine, clicking through pages of reviews and more.

For Endurance, I reviewed “Sanitorium Freedom” by The Royal Blasphemy and “All Is Hell” by Vanna. Below are a some snippets of each review with links to find the full articles

“Sanitorium Freedom” by The Royal Blasphemy

“It is refreshing to hear this type of metal again from some new blood. The leading metal acts these days are going too poppy and radio friendly, The likes of Bullet For My Valentine and Atreyu who broke through in the last decade are producing some really polished anthems, quite clean cut. Then there is The Royal Blasphemy coming in to mess things up again”

“All Is Hell” by Vanna

““All Is Hell” is an album that is completely nihilistic and dark in nature. Vanna has revealed their monsters to us, and within this confession have delivered an album with pure honest intentions and music that matches the emotions. The raw atmosphere feels unparalleled compared to many of this year’s releases.”