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October 2016

Sum 41 – 13 Voices: Review

For fans of the darker and more mature sounding Sum 41, “13 Voices” should make you happy. A big part of me is glad, because “Chuck” was great, and to see the band head back in the direction of that album almost feels like Canadians are back to delivering what comes naturally to them. This album certainly is a lot more hooking in an initial manner than the last couple of albums. It’s definitely the best material the band have produced over the last decade – This is incredible in itself considering the state of Whibley just a couple of years ago, I would never have expected this.

For The Fans Of: Billy Talent, Boxcar Racer, (later) My Chemical Romance

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Asking Alexandria – The Black: Review

I’ve never understood the overall hype surrounding this band and their growing popularity. “The Black” is an ok album at best, it doesn’t stand out against many other albums in metalcore, and it’s not even as captivating as some of the band’s earlier material. Granted, there are some good songs to lose your shit to, and are great for live atmospheres, but not a whole lot of this album grabbed my attention. It tries too hard with a song like “The Lost Souls”, but all that did was stand out for all the wrong reasons. In all honesty, the band should have just stuck to their electronica and breakdowns formula, it was simple, tidy and I knew where I stood with it.

For The Fans Of: We Came As Romans, Of Mice & Men, Bring Me The Horizon

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Halcyon Hope – Onward To Fracture Town: Review

This album reminds me of a time when I really liked emo and post-hardcore, it almost makes me feel nostalgic of the bands I once listened to on repeat. It’s well written, performed well and mixed brilliantly, it’s hard to fault this effort on a whole. The catchy emo vibe is a nice twist, even if it becomes somewhat repetitive six or so songs in. But Halcyon Hope has a way of hooking you back in towards the end.

For fans of Taking Back Sunday, Brand New, Motion City Soundtrack

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Brutal Youth – Sanguine

Brutal Youth showcases their ability to write songs that can create manic live atmospheres, as well as happy go lucky singalongs. The energy delivered within each song is infectious and after just a couple of listens this has become on of my favourite punk albums of the year. If you like any form of hardcore and skate punk, the variety of the influences that the Canadians unleash should have you hooked. More of this, please.

For fans of: (early) The Flatliners, The Unseen, Anti-Flag, Dropthis

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Virgina Hardcore outfit Down To Nothing hasn’t been to the UK in quite a long time before this tour. In fact, it has taken the quintet nearly four years to make it back to our little island. In that time the Down To Nothing released their ‘Life On The James’ album and members have been busy in their other established bands, such as Terror and Fire & Ice. This was a big occasion as it marked ten years to the date that Down To Nothing had first played The Underworld, that first time was at Ninjafest 2006.

It was a great night for discovering new bands, Firm Standing Law are a band to keep an eye on, Full Strength and Break Away were new to me, but both were highly impressive. Down To Nothing were worth a four-year wait – hopefully they won’t take so long to come back next time.

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Brave Vultures – I’m Not Coming Back If You’re Not Here: Review

“The punk fan in me prefers the first and last tracks for their skate punk/pop punk nature, catchy vibes and all out fun atmosphere. But the rest of the tracks help showcase all of what Brave Vultures are about, there are some demons that needed to be unleashed and it’s not all fun and games, even if the influences are there. The Essex band can pull off joyful tones and emotional ones nicely, though I do hope for more of the punk-influenced material of future releases.”

For fans of: Taking Back Sunday, Say Anything, Dashboard Confessional

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High Rise – Left It For Everything: Review

“High Rise stands out by blending sub-genres that have yet to be experimented with on a larger scale. “Left It for Everything” is a well-produced compilation of songs that hook in various tastes in alternative music. It’s mildly ambitious, yet not entirely unique. The heavy material with big hooking choruses harks back to the formula that A Day to Remember popularised, yet the clean singing is less infectiously pop-punk and more in the line of alternative rock — meaning less of the sickly sweet taste in your mouth that pop-punk sometimes leaves.”

For The Fans Of: Beartooth, Architects, The Ghost Inside

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Stick To Your Guns – Better Ash Than Dust: Review

“‘Better Ash Than Dust’ is a collection of five tracks that set free all kind of passion and emotions that have been built up within the band. Anger seems to be key and Stick To Your Guns don’t bite their tongues lyrically when it comes to their political beliefs, though they never have done. It’s a great effort and I look forward to hearing more when the time comes.”

For fans of: The Ghost Inside, Your Demise, Parkway Drive

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Mammothfest 2016

Broken Arrow Magazine’s three part review for Mammothfest 2016

“Here we are in our second year of attending Mammothfest, Brighton’s only metal festival, held in several venues across the weekend. Unlike last year which had a small kick-off show featuring four bands, Mammothfest had two venues running simultaneously this year. The black metal stage up at the Green Door Store and the tech metal stage down at The Haunt.

There may have been a hiccup of one less band to watch, but it felt like the night was a success, and it was highly enjoyable. Heart of a Coward not turning up didn’t kill the positive atmosphere. Everywhere you looked, people were enjoying themselves and were engrossed by the bands that could play. I also heard that the Black Metal stage up at the Green Door Store was a huge success and that it was rammed for the majority of the evening. I don’t think the organisers behind Mammothfest could have asked for a better start.”

Full Friday review here

After a successful opening night for the festival packing out the Green Door Store with their Black Metal stage, and Textures kicking ass at The Haunt, the excitement was certainly high on the morning of day two. The Saturday showed the growth of Mammothfest with two main factors; one, that it was being held at the Concorde 2, the biggest venue the festival has ever used. Two, the fact that metal legends Venom Inc were headlining the event. You could just feel positive atmosphere before the doors even opened.

It was another killer day at Mammothfest. It had its ups and downs, some bands stood out far more than others. The most important thing to take away from the day is that it just felt much bigger than last year. More people in one room, more established acts, it’s a massive positive for the whole event.

Full Saturday review here

After two incredible days previous, it was now time for the last day of Mammothfest. The Saturday was all about the growth of the festival, booking more established acts to bring more punters in; the Sunday was more grass roots and niche. Back to two stages, The Green Door Store stage, was all about the stoner/doom brand of Metal, whereas The Prince Albert was a lot more diverse. It was a stage for emerging artists to express themselves and try to hook in new fans. The stage was named RIKSTOCK after a friend close to the organisers who sadly passed away.

Once again Mammothfest smashed all expectations, the festival was an absolute blast. A huge shout out goes to the now twenty-five member team behind the festival. All the street team, technicians and more, they don’t get paid a penny to put the festival on. It’s for the love of underground metal, pushing the right artists, building the brand of Mammothfest and bringing metal to Brighton.

As said throughout this review, the festival shows massive growth, while also remembering the grass roots atmosphere. Catering to those who want to see bigger and better acts, while still giving the chances for other bands to hit those same heights and gain new fans. Every band I saw put on a great performance, some just had incredible responses. Bleed Again continued to wow, King Leviathan made me excited to hear their new album,Sworn Amongst wowed me even if their crowd was lame. Magna Carta were really fucking fun. And I can’t get over the impeccable voice of the One Machine frontman. All in all, it was a killer weekend.

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