Broken Arrow Magazine’s three part review for Mammothfest 2016

“Here we are in our second year of attending Mammothfest, Brighton’s only metal festival, held in several venues across the weekend. Unlike last year which had a small kick-off show featuring four bands, Mammothfest had two venues running simultaneously this year. The black metal stage up at the Green Door Store and the tech metal stage down at The Haunt.

There may have been a hiccup of one less band to watch, but it felt like the night was a success, and it was highly enjoyable. Heart of a Coward not turning up didn’t kill the positive atmosphere. Everywhere you looked, people were enjoying themselves and were engrossed by the bands that could play. I also heard that the Black Metal stage up at the Green Door Store was a huge success and that it was rammed for the majority of the evening. I don’t think the organisers behind Mammothfest could have asked for a better start.”

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After a successful opening night for the festival packing out the Green Door Store with their Black Metal stage, and Textures kicking ass at The Haunt, the excitement was certainly high on the morning of day two. The Saturday showed the growth of Mammothfest with two main factors; one, that it was being held at the Concorde 2, the biggest venue the festival has ever used. Two, the fact that metal legends Venom Inc were headlining the event. You could just feel positive atmosphere before the doors even opened.

It was another killer day at Mammothfest. It had its ups and downs, some bands stood out far more than others. The most important thing to take away from the day is that it just felt much bigger than last year. More people in one room, more established acts, it’s a massive positive for the whole event.

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After two incredible days previous, it was now time for the last day of Mammothfest. The Saturday was all about the growth of the festival, booking more established acts to bring more punters in; the Sunday was more grass roots and niche. Back to two stages, The Green Door Store stage, was all about the stoner/doom brand of Metal, whereas The Prince Albert was a lot more diverse. It was a stage for emerging artists to express themselves and try to hook in new fans. The stage was named RIKSTOCK after a friend close to the organisers who sadly passed away.

Once again Mammothfest smashed all expectations, the festival was an absolute blast. A huge shout out goes to the now twenty-five member team behind the festival. All the street team, technicians and more, they don’t get paid a penny to put the festival on. It’s for the love of underground metal, pushing the right artists, building the brand of Mammothfest and bringing metal to Brighton.

As said throughout this review, the festival shows massive growth, while also remembering the grass roots atmosphere. Catering to those who want to see bigger and better acts, while still giving the chances for other bands to hit those same heights and gain new fans. Every band I saw put on a great performance, some just had incredible responses. Bleed Again continued to wow, King Leviathan made me excited to hear their new album,Sworn Amongst wowed me even if their crowd was lame. Magna Carta were really fucking fun. And I can’t get over the impeccable voice of the One Machine frontman. All in all, it was a killer weekend.

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