Hastings Punkfest returns for another year, an event that gets bigger and better each year in terms of bringing some of the best emerging punk acts in the United Kingdom down to the seaside town, as well as showing off some of the local talent.

Across two days we saw: Demon Smiles, The SLM, Vice Like Grip, Casual Nausea plus Spoilers, The Barracks, The Drunken Ramblings, Punka, Easydread, Carl Lewis: Track & Field and Butane Regulators.

In comparison to the festival last year, I don’t think the crowd was as big or responsive. But, it was just as enjoyable and each band put of great sets. It was another brilliant couple of days for discovery, putting new bands on people’s radars. Well done again to the people involved in making the event happen, and we hope you raised a decent amount to send to Sea Shepard. We look forward to next year.

Reviewed in two parts for Broken Arrow Magazine. Part one can be found here, part two here