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February 2017

Darko – Bonsai Mammoth: Album Review

This album has caught me by surprise, purely by how impressive it is for a debut. The production isn’t overly done and it just adds to the raw atmosphere that Darko unleashes, it speaks to the DIY nature of punk-rock and the gritty bars they have played over the years. ‘Bonsai Mammoth’ is an essential listen for skate fans in 2017.

For fans of: A Wilhelm Scream, Strike Anywhere, Strung Out

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Suicide Silence – Suicide Silence: Album Review

Come into “Suicide Silence” with an open mind. Perhaps drop the pre-determined negativity on it too before listening because if you want to hate the album and pick holes, you will find things to pick holes at. This is a different side to Suicide Silence and I truly respect them for giving it a go and showing their talents are expansive. As a whole, I found it more enjoyable to listen to than the past two Suicide Silence albums because of the wider range of musicianship and influences. This is a sign of the growth of a band, not a sign of abandonment to fans.

 For The Fans Of: Korn, Deftones, Killswitch Engage
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WSTR Red, Green or Inbetween: Album review

For an album that borrows a lot from its peers, “Red, Green or Inbetween” comes across as a lot more enjoyable than most other albums like it. Maybe it’s a nostalgic reminder of listening to ROAM’s older material, but I think the raw honesty in the songwriting helps and the delivery of each track just adds to the emotion that floods the album.

For the fans of: Neck Deep, ROAM, New Found Glory

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Galactic Empire – Galactic Empire: Album Review

As an initial listen, this album is pure genius. Musically this album is phenomenal with impeccable instrumentation. But I see the popularity of it being short lived. After all, Austrian Death Machine was a great fad while it lasted, like most gimmicks. How much music can you make off metal Star Wars covers? Galactic Empire has already covered the most iconic of themes on this album, is it worth making a follow-up? How long can a band tour on this material before people get bored of it? I like the idea and the covers, but I’m hoping these are purely for fun and to show off how technical these musicians can be.

For fans of: Star Wars, Dragonforce

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Osiah – Terror Firma: Album Review

t doesn’t happen often, but this is a rare album that makes me want to dive back into deathcore again. I listen to it and I sense full on the darkness that makes me think this is the musical form of demons. It doesn’t feel like it’s all about violence, as most of these tracks are sluggish and evil instead of pure pit-starters. What Osiah does lack is the element of surprise and diversity; once you’ve heard two or three tracks, you get the idea of what they are about very quickly. Nevertheless, Osiah is a band that I feel should be touring with any of the deathcore elite right now.

 For the fans of: Thy Art Is Murder, The Acacia Strain, Martyr Defiled
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The Devil Wears Prada – Transit Blues

There are elements on “Transit Blues” such as the synth melodies and clean singing vocals that are a reminder to the band I discovered when hearing “Reptar, King of the Ozone”. But, that kind of song doesn’t appear on this album and neither does any song replicate the catchy appeal of popular hit “Dez Moines”. “Transit Blues” is the darkest and most emotional album I’ve heard from The Devil Wears Prada, it feels like the “we’ve grown up” album, taking a more sophisticated approach to songwriting. It works in a way to keep things fresh and with the times, melodic hardcore is the popular genre at the moment and writing songs that with a similar sound could very well hook in a new fan base.

For The Fans Of: Underoath, Architects, Oh Sleeper

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Code Orange – Forever: Album Review

‘Forever’ is an album that breaks the boundaries of hardcore in a spectacular way. It’s weird because this album doesn’t quite meet my exact tastes in the genre, but I can appreciate the way it differs from the meat and potatoes mould of the genre. ‘Forever’ pulls in a variety of styles to appeal to different tastes and to just keep things interesting is a massive win for Code Orange. It’s a brutal release, but also very clever. it’s something the Pittsburgh lads were experimenting with on their 2014 release ‘I Am King’, only this time it appears that Code Orange have mastered this diverse style of hardcore.

For fans of: Oathbreaker, Harms Way, Brutality Will Prevail

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Splitters – Last Time I Swear

“”Last Time I Swear” unveils everything I expect from a melodic punk album, and Splitters have come out of nowhere to show potential that they can contend with some of the bigger names in the genre. This is the sort of band I expect to see feeling at home in the Fat Wreck Chords family and I have no doubt that this is just a taster of what Splitters can produce.”

For The Fans Of: Anti-Flag, Against Me, The Flatliners, The Lawrence Arms

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Hellions – Opera Oblivia: Album Review

“This is an album that will surprise a lot of people, unexpected styles mashed together, perhaps ones you didn’t think would be possible, but they fit in a manner you never knew you wanted. Come into “Opera Oblivia” with an open mind and be sucked into the wide range of emotions. Be ready to have fun, rap along but prepare to get deep and emotional too. Hellions really have outdone themselves with this release.”

For The Fans Of: Deez Nuts, Harm/Shelter, Confession

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