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March 2017

Synaptik -Justify & Reason: Album Review

As a whole, “Justify & Reason” is thus a solid release that combines multiple hooking factors, making it appeal to various tastes. The ferocious side is there for the true headbanger, the awesome vocal talent for the listener that loves to sing along, and the impeccable musicianship for those that like to swing an air-guitar and -drum. Production-wise, this is a massive step up from Synaptik’s debut album but the songwriting, too, is much more impressive. These various combining factors make “Justify & Reason” a lot more approachable than its predecessor.

For the fans of: Dream Theater, Mastodon, One Machine

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Betraying The Martyrs – The Resilient

Where ‘The Resilient’ succeeds is in its musicianship, Betraying The Martyrs create chaotic pit starters from start to finish. The senseless brutality is on par with the metalcore elite. Then the little added layers of fiddly key melodies and ear-pricking synth rhythms just tweak each song from sounding like every other metalcore band. Where this album fails is that it is a long album of near enough the same format the whole way through. After a few tracks I’m aching for the band to throw me something a little different, which they did with ‘Won’t Back Down’, ‘Ghost’ and ‘Wide Awake’ but by then my attention was starting to waver.

For fans of: Upon A Burning Body, Breakdown of Sanity, Miss May I

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This was the exact kind of messy show I expected from Trash Talk. It might not have been the wildest I’ve seen them (nothing will beat the time bins were thrown around during their set at Reading 2010), but it was immensely entertaining to watch everyone lose their shit. The band made sure everyone was having fun, making them feel involved, invoking fist pumps and inviting people to grab the mic and sing along. The Sacramento quartet are yet to disappoint me. I came into the night blind about the support, probably not the best thing to do for a music journalist. But, both Ditz and Youth Man were a pleasant surprise. Even if I wouldn’t pigeonhole them as the ideal support for Trash Talk, they put on some solid, energetic sets that entertained and warmed the crowd up just enough for Trash Talk to do their thing. Overall it was a great night.

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Riskee And The Ridicule – Blame Culture: Album Review

“Blame Culture” is a fun little surprise find and once I got past the initial “what the hell is this?” phase I found these songs quite enjoyable. The blend of styles is refreshing, though very niche in terms of who might like it. I can imagine some elitists will act negative towards this combination of rap-fronted punk and say “That’s not punk”. But it works as an alternative album. There is a strong British twang and attitude to it, much like TRC has with their laddish-hardcore stance. It just adds to the whole persona of the band and album. It’s one of the factors that makes the band stand out, other than the obvious mix of influences.

For The Fans Of: Slaves(UK), Wonk Unit, Popes of Chillitown, King Blues

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Energy – Apparition Sound

The tone of the album emits the same horror/gothic punk vibe that suits AFI and Creeper, I’d even say that the opening tracks would fit right in on an early 2000s AFI album like ‘Sing The Sorrow’. I’d have loved more of the darker, heavier tones that Energy released here. But, I can’t deny that the catchy atmosphere they unleash with the rest of the album is probably the more hooking factor of ‘Apparition Sound’, the pop-punk vibes really drag you in. The main downer is that the album is over so quickly, even for eight tracks, it feels like the album just flies by before you can really get into it.

For fans of: Creeper, AFI, +44

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Wonk Unit- Camden Underworld, London

“This was an incredible show that highlighted DIY punk in the United Kingdom at its best, and TNS Records can be proud of what they have achieved here. I was a great evening and it set a standard for shows to follow. I expected great things when this tour was originally announced, but what I saw blew away all expectations and everyone seemed shocked at how packed out the venue was. This is just a teaser for how great the Manchester Punk Festival could be in just a couple of months’ time, with some of the same bands and organisers involved.”

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Hellions – Sticky Mikes Frog Bar, Brighton: Live Review

“As headliners, Hellions did their job at stealing the show, though it helped that they had the crowd for it. It’s harsh to be overly negative to the support for not warming up the crowd sufficiently when barely anyone was there. But I don’t think they were the right bands for the lineup, as two melodic hardcore bands supporting a highly energetic band such as Hellions is an interesting booking, to say the least. Talent-wise, both opening acts were solid, showing some great technicality and passion, though, and given the right audience and less technical difficulties, both bands could put on some epic performances. Hellions, however, were the most entertaining I’ve seen them thus far.”

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It was a fantastic show. There were plenty of great sets and real show highlights. Deez Nuts were fun like they always are live and I’m looking forward to hearing the rest of their new album. Comeback Kid were on fire judging from the reactions and Get The Shot impressed me a lot. For a first time in London, they came close to stealing the show. It’s just a shame that the ugly moments of the night are the real talking point.

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Aversions Crown – Xenocide: Album Review

“This is not a diverse album, mind you; “Xenocide” is unapologetically an all-out deathcore record mixed with some modern metal influences. The mood stays ferocious and barely shifts from the tone that “Prismatic Abyss” sets. Individually these are impressive songs that do their job of creating a sense of dread and being sinister pieces of music.”

For the fans of: old-Suicide Silence, All Shall Perish, Thy Art Is Murder

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