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May 2017

Mammothfest Presents show #3

n the third and final instalment of spring events hosted by the Mammothfest team, they step out of their dominantly metal comfort zone a tread lightly and into the much more carnal world of hardcore. A sunny Saturday afternoon return to The Arch in Brighton saw seventeen bands spread across two stages, featuring popular hardcore bands such as Brutality Will Prevail and Giants along with death metal band Raging Speedhorn as major pulling factors for the day. Though the reason for the event in the first place was to celebrate the release of Worthing metallers, Bleed Again’s debut album,“Momentum”; this was an album launch party for them to play a bigger stage with strong calibre bands, playing to essentially a hometown crowd.

Overall, this was a fantastic and highly energetic show, though maybe the most fluctuant of the three “Mammothfest Presents” events. The other two (Feed The Rhino and Vader headline events) seemed to gradually improve throughout, whereas this one had more ups and downs as the day unfolded. The set times were spread out a bit differently than the Vader show. This time it was staggered in a way you could catch a little bit of everyone if you really wanted, though if you tried you wouldn’t have any kind of break from music for eight hours.

What I liked most was the real reason Mammothfest thrives, giving local and emerging artists a platform to show their talents to the masses, and some of them really impressed throughout the day. While the brand of the festival grows and brings in more popular names each time, the organizers are not forgetting their roots and the reason they started these shows in the first place. It was a continuing factor over the three shows, but I think it shone the most on this day as a real showcasing for the Sussex hardcore and metalcore scenes.

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Bleed Again – Momentum

The Worthing five-piece combines the brutality of death metal with the raw ferocity of metalcore, drawing a direct influence from the sound that flooded the New Wave of American Heavy Metal scene in the early 2000s. Think of the perfect mix of Chimaira, As I Lay Dying, Killswitch Engage and Trivium. And, while the previous releases have shown glimpses of what Bleed Again can produce, “Momentum” surprises us all with how much the band has grown in just a couple of years.

I came into this album expecting good things, I never quite expected an album this good. While the main metalcore vibe is still the stand out feature on most of the release. Bleed Again have shown more depth with “Momentum”, showing newer influences by getting heavier and softer in their songwriting. With this album, the Worthing lads have revealed great potential on their debut release, leaving an album with the similar calibre to Bury Tomorrow’s earlier albums.

 For The Fans Of: Chimaira, As I Lay Dying, Killswitch Engage, Trivium
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Just days following the release of their third album, ‘You Are We’, Sheffield metallers, While She Sleeps headed to the south coast city of Brighton as part of their extensive tour around the UK. What made this occasion more special was that the iconic Concorde 2 was sold out weeks before the show. This was incredible, considering that two London shows were sold out on this tour, too.

The majority of the set was filled with new material and I felt that this was a downside to the show. The reactions from the crowd were great for each song, but for a set to be dominated by material from an album released a few day prior to the show felt like overkill. I certainly would have expected more than two songs from ‘This Is The Six’. Nevertheless, this was a fantastic performance from the Sheffield crew and they had a very rowdy crowd eating out of the palm of their hands. It was true showmanship and I can only expect the next time they play Brighton will be a bigger venue, such as The Dome.

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Manchester Punk Festival 2017: review

Festival Season has officially started and Manchester was the home for a mass punk invasion. The festival strives on its DIY values, a multi-promotional event set in the city centre across seven different venues over three days. While this was our first year attending Manchester Punk Festival, it was the third annual occasion of the event, boasting up 80 bands, this event is one that is significantly bigger than the previous years in terms of quantity and quality of the lineup. Each year the festival creates more hype so I took the opportunity to see what all the fuss was about.

This was a fantastic weekend, showcasing brilliant organisation from the UK punk scene and showcasing some of the brightest emerging talent in punk on a global scale. Considering I was just one person covering the entire weekend, seeing all 80 bands was an impossible goal. Yet 27 bands over the weekend isn’t bad going and it gave me a great first impression of what to expect from Manchester Punk Festival. I couldn’t have asked for a more entertaining weekend, which was full of great music and family vibes. From what I can tell the weekend was ran rather smoothly.

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Mammothfest Presents show #2

After a successful first “Mammothfest Presents” show at the beginning of April, featuring Feed The Rhino headlining at the Green Door Store, It was time for us all to be introduced to the new home of Mammothfest events for the rest of 2017. We headed to The Arch on Brighton’s seafront, a two-stage venue, which as a whole is much bigger and created a stronger festival feel to it. The main room is an underground room which looks like it has been cut out of a cave and given a modern feel to it. The connecting venue, otherwise know as “The Hub” on the other hand was a tiny tunnel looking room, it was dark and intimate. This suited the death and extreme metal vibe of day with brutal bands such as Vader and Immolation as headliners.

Overall this day way awesome and it shows the growth that Mammothfest is making, bringing in bands with the calibre to deliver a set like Vader’s is a sign of better things to come. It also shows how great the metal community is in the south, to pack out an event on a day most people are expected to spend with their families was incredible. As for The Arch, it’s a great venue and a suitable home for the next few Mammothfest events, the multiple stages in one building instead of having to move around to different venues helped in terms of convenience for the punter and the team that ran the event, it seemed to flow incredibly smoothly. With the hardcore and metalcore all day event just a couple of weeks after this one, it will be interesting to see if that runs just as well. Different kinds of bands and audience will be a test to the kind of pull that Mammothfest has.

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Dugstock 2017

Easter weekend kicked off with a punk extravaganza at the New Cross Inn. A two-day event hosted by Umlaut Records, showcasing some of the UK’s brightest emerging artists, a few well-known names and introducing us to a couple bands from across the continent. This was always going to be a fun fueled couple of days in south London.

My afterthoughts are that overall this was a great couple of days for Umlaut to show off their roster and play a show with some mates, bringing the DIY punk scene together. Most of this bill I wasn’t familiar with, a few hooking names grabbed my interest prior to the event. But, every act impressed me in some respect, nobody put on a bad show and everyone was entertaining. It was a ‘Matesfest’ atmosphere as all the bands seemed to know each other in some way. The running theme of skate punk, but the variety of styles were in to keep things fresh and not entirely the same for 20 acts.

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Brutality Will Prevail – In Dark Places

“In terms of how this compares to the previous album, I feel tracks don’t stand out as much when you play the whole album. On “Suspension Of Consciousness” there was more variety in styles used; Hardcore, metal, stoner rock and even some shoegaze. On “In Dark Places” only the moshy two-step vibe mixed with relaxed heavy hooks is really pushed to the forefront. This is still a decent follow-up release, though. It’s an album full of tracks that will have you moving and banging your head. While the previous album showed more musical progression and talent, this one will appeal to the older fans who simply like their hardcore riffage. “

For The Fans Of: Breaking Point, Hang The Bastard, Code Orange, Coldburn

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Anewrage – Life-Related Symptoms: Album Review

“What I like is that these varying styles compliment frontman Axel Capurro’s vocal capacity, from his throaty shouting singing voice to his rather impactful cleaning singing. He never really goes full pelt into screaming, but there is the built in raspiness like Chester Bennington’s singing in his early days. While the musicianship within Anewrage is strong and really talented, it’s Capurro’s voice that is the driving force, and his vocal melodies. From the opening track in ‘Upside Down’ to the closer in ‘Wolves And Sirens,’ he keeps you captivated. For a new album, I feel somewhat nostalgic in how this album sounds and the influences that make it up. In an initial listen, I had a feeling that it might be a dated sound, but it still works.”

For fans of Puddle Of Mudd, A, Alien At Farm, Alice In Chains

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BONO! – No Escape: EP review

“Production wise this isn’t the strongest, but it works towards that DIY hardcore appeal. The gritty sound just adds to the gritty atmosphere the music unleashes. The only downside to the EP as a whole is that the best track is leading single, ‘No Escape’, and sadly it’s the shortest song out of the four at just over a minute long. I can’t tell a band how to write, but their “balls to the wall” sing along anthems with a punchy attitude is certainly their strongest point. I’d love more of that.”

For fans of Salt Wound, Belief System, Hardout, Adjust, Beer Money

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