“What I like is that these varying styles compliment frontman Axel Capurro’s vocal capacity, from his throaty shouting singing voice to his rather impactful cleaning singing. He never really goes full pelt into screaming, but there is the built in raspiness like Chester Bennington’s singing in his early days. While the musicianship within Anewrage is strong and really talented, it’s Capurro’s voice that is the driving force, and his vocal melodies. From the opening track in ‘Upside Down’ to the closer in ‘Wolves And Sirens,’ he keeps you captivated. For a new album, I feel somewhat nostalgic in how this album sounds and the influences that make it up. In an initial listen, I had a feeling that it might be a dated sound, but it still works.”

For fans of Puddle Of Mudd, A, Alien At Farm, Alice In Chains

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