“Bolshy have massively entertained me with “Reap the Storm”; the mixture of elements keeps this album sounding so fresh and exciting, and each song provides with you with something a little different. Quite a few tracks follow the punchy style of the opening song but the title track, “Reap The Storm”, is a further example of another Streetlight’-influenced track. It’s fast and energetic with a nice split between fun and aggressive tones, but it also has a bouncy folk-tone, like it has a hint of Gogol Bordello. We do have a nice dub influenced interlude piece to split the album up a little too, keeping the record mixed throughout. Production-wise, it’s not entirely crisp nor perfect, but it works with the raw sound and attitude that Bolshy deliver.”

 For the fans of: Streetlight Manifesto, Leftover Crack, Random Hand
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