In 2015, Feed the Rhino was scheduled to headline one of the stages at Mammothfest but sadly, due to illness, the band had to pull out of performing at the last minute. The Kent outfit promised to make it up to the Brighton-based fans that missed out by coming back when the time was right. Eighteen months later, to celebrate Feed the Rhino returning to the seaside town, Mammothfest organised an all-day event featuring some of the best emerging heavy artists and alternative metal bands. What started out as a one-off event has culminated in the Mammothfest booking to at least two more themed all-dayer events to follow over the next month. So here is a review of the first “Mammothfest Presents” event of 2017.

This was a fantastic event that showcased the great quality of music in the toilet scene level of heavy music in the United Kingdom at the moment. It also shows the fantastic heavy metal community in Brighton that Mammothfest is striving build even further. This was a very “matey” kind of atmosphere all day; the bands all knew each other and the bands and fans were mostly friends with each other. Rounded up, it was a brilliant DIY event and I expect the next couple of “Mammothfest Presents” shows to be of the same standard.

Full review at here. Featuring Coverage of, Feed The Rhino, Magna Carta, Bleed Again, Seething Akira, The Five Hundred, Core Of iO, As Flames Rise, Kickfist, Hawka, Edge of Salvation and Tension Head