After a successful first “Mammothfest Presents” show at the beginning of April, featuring Feed The Rhino headlining at the Green Door Store, It was time for us all to be introduced to the new home of Mammothfest events for the rest of 2017. We headed to The Arch on Brighton’s seafront, a two-stage venue, which as a whole is much bigger and created a stronger festival feel to it. The main room is an underground room which looks like it has been cut out of a cave and given a modern feel to it. The connecting venue, otherwise know as “The Hub” on the other hand was a tiny tunnel looking room, it was dark and intimate. This suited the death and extreme metal vibe of day with brutal bands such as Vader and Immolation as headliners.

Overall this day way awesome and it shows the growth that Mammothfest is making, bringing in bands with the calibre to deliver a set like Vader’s is a sign of better things to come. It also shows how great the metal community is in the south, to pack out an event on a day most people are expected to spend with their families was incredible. As for The Arch, it’s a great venue and a suitable home for the next few Mammothfest events, the multiple stages in one building instead of having to move around to different venues helped in terms of convenience for the punter and the team that ran the event, it seemed to flow incredibly smoothly. With the hardcore and metalcore all day event just a couple of weeks after this one, it will be interesting to see if that runs just as well. Different kinds of bands and audience will be a test to the kind of pull that Mammothfest has.

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