n the third and final instalment of spring events hosted by the Mammothfest team, they step out of their dominantly metal comfort zone a tread lightly and into the much more carnal world of hardcore. A sunny Saturday afternoon return to The Arch in Brighton saw seventeen bands spread across two stages, featuring popular hardcore bands such as Brutality Will Prevail and Giants along with death metal band Raging Speedhorn as major pulling factors for the day. Though the reason for the event in the first place was to celebrate the release of Worthing metallers, Bleed Again’s debut album,“Momentum”; this was an album launch party for them to play a bigger stage with strong calibre bands, playing to essentially a hometown crowd.

Overall, this was a fantastic and highly energetic show, though maybe the most fluctuant of the three “Mammothfest Presents” events. The other two (Feed The Rhino and Vader headline events) seemed to gradually improve throughout, whereas this one had more ups and downs as the day unfolded. The set times were spread out a bit differently than the Vader show. This time it was staggered in a way you could catch a little bit of everyone if you really wanted, though if you tried you wouldn’t have any kind of break from music for eight hours.

What I liked most was the real reason Mammothfest thrives, giving local and emerging artists a platform to show their talents to the masses, and some of them really impressed throughout the day. While the brand of the festival grows and brings in more popular names each time, the organizers are not forgetting their roots and the reason they started these shows in the first place. It was a continuing factor over the three shows, but I think it shone the most on this day as a real showcasing for the Sussex hardcore and metalcore scenes.

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