So it’s been a while since I last did a “Waffle” on a film, so why not return with Spiderman: Homecoming? I caught this lastnight, so it’s fresh in my head. I’m going to make this one spoiler free for a change.

I’ll start by saying this is undoubtedly my favourite of the Spiderman movies. The link to the MCU just gives it a larger hook and a bigger level of importance than the previous Spiderman movies, especially the ties to the aftermath of Avengers Assemble.

Our taste of Peter Parker and Spiderman was good in Civil War, but we get a greater understanding of him, and how he differs to the previous incarnations (Tobey Maguire/Andrew Garfield). He’s a lot more nervous, even after becoming spiderman. His eagerness to feel involved with something bigger is incredibly relatable along with trying to balance responsibility with pursuing a potential love interest.

The humour is what makes this film so great, it’s verging on Deadpool and Guardians of the Galaxy territory in terms of how funny this film is. The side characters help out a lot, the token best mate character it hilarious, but Spiderman/Peter Parker’s character is probably the most entertaining, and not in a cringe way like Spiderman 3.

Villains wise, Michael Keaton as Vulture is very good, one of the more memorable bad guy performances in the MCU. Shocker makes an appearance though it’s pretty average. I’m hoping that because this is in the same universe as the Netflix shows, that the current portayal of Fisk in Daredevil makes an appearance on screen with this version of Spiderman in the future. I’ve been waiting for a Spiderman vs Kingpin showdown on the big screen for a long time.

The visual aspects and the designs of the technology and costumes are great, I love the traditional spiderman suit and how the eyes look like they were in the comics. Vultures wings look awesome and realistic as hell.

Overal its a great film to watch and one of my favourites in the whole of MCU, maybe breaking into my top 5? It’s got a great mixture of action, humour, comic book lore, connection to the rest of the universe without needing a McGuffin, it’s character driven if anything.

Maybe the only downside is that you have to have seen at least Avengers Assemble and Captain America Civil war to understand the background story of the film and perhaps to completely understand the plot and a lot of the dialogue. Though it’s likely if you plan to see this you’ve seen most of the MCU already.