“I find that the best track on the release is “Lion’s Share” and that it opens the EP with a bang, but the rest of it struggles to make the same impact. Not that they aren’t enjoyable, but it leaves the EP with a bit of an anti-climax in comparison after such a promising start. “State of Repair” features some decent musicianship and song-writing, I just hope the future material is just as bouncy as the opener. The production of the release is not as professionally sounding as a lot of ska releases I’ve heard recently, but the unpolished nature gives it a nice DIY vibe to it. Overall, it’s a good listen, but it hasn’t completely captivated me like Bolshy did earlier this year. The unique addition of folk in the mix helped, I’ve only heard Brighton band, Ratbag pull it off before, maybe it can be a growing trend.”

For The Fans Of: Streetlight Manifesto, Bolshy, Ratbag

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