“There are comments that ‘Hydrograd’ is a backwards step for Stone Sour and that the album is one dimensional, far from it, it’s just appealing to more people by appeasing the older fans that prefer the heavier material while still staying strongly within reach of mainstream rock and metal. As weird as it feels to say, Jim Root isn’t missed on this album, Martucci does a grand job in filling his rather big boots and perhaps does a grander job. At times this album reaches a level of aggression that even the debut album didn’t meet. The formula of switching from heavy verse to soft or catchy chorus becomes a little repetetive, but thats the only true negativity I have about the album. Taylor stated that “Our only real idea was to make a kick-ass rock and roll album,”. I wouldn’t consider this a rock and roll album in the traditional sense, but it surely does the job in making you want to rock out.”

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