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November 2017

Figure It Out – Silence Isn’t Golden: Review

“Silence Isn’t Golden” consists of only four tracks, so It’s over pretty quickly. But you do get a taste of what the Arizona-lads have to offer, from the happy-go-lucky opener to the touching closer; for a pop-punk release, it has a bit of everything. It’s a decent listen, and especially the catchier opener really grabs your attention, so more of that on following releases would be a good thing. Still, it’s nice that not all tracks on the effort sound the same.

For the fans of: Sum 41, State Champs, Blink-182

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Siberian Meat Grinder – Metal Bear Stomp

“Metal Bear Stomp” is thus a fun release with tracks that are more designed for the live experience than to sit and listen to at home. Each track has the intention to get your blood pumping, to get you rocking and losing your voice to the numerous shout-outs. The quality of the songwriting and the production has improved since the previous releases, as expected, and the album is heavier and more aggressive than past material, while it still remains incredibly hooking.

For the fans of: Municipal Waste, Suicidal Tendencies, Slayer

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Haema – Insurrection: Review

Overall, ‘Insurrection’ is bound to rub some people (elitists) the wrong way purely because they would rather forget about the nu-metal scene and bands that were roughly associated with it. On the other hand, this is a solid listen, there are moments that make me want to just lose my shit and destroy everything in my path, and then to counterbalance that there are segments just to sit back and appreciate the musicianship, such as an out of the blue guitar solo in the title-track, or the impromptu synth rhythm in ‘Free Man’.

For fans of Korn, American Head Charge, 00s era Machine Head, Rammstein

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ROAM – Great Heights & Nosedives: Review

“A lot of this album reminds me of All Time Low, mostly from the catchiness, but the technically intricate drum patterns filter through the guitars in a track such as ‘Playing Fiction’, and for the most part the vocal melodies are rather reminiscent of the late 00s era of pop-punk. ‘Great Heights & Nosedives’ is a step up from ‘Backbone’ and push to the mainstream that ROAM deserve for their hard work, the quality of this material is a sign that the Eastbourne lads are 100% worthy of having toured with the likes of genre leaders Sum 41 and New Found Glory in the last year.”

For fans of: All Time Low, Sum 41, Neck Deep, New Found Glory

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Just Say Nay – Logistical Nightmares: Review

“The production of the release is an improvement on the predecessor, mildly. You still get that vibe that this band has some way to go to sound polished, but that takes nothing away from the fact these are still very enjoyable songs. These four tracks are very fun, perfect to get a crowd moving. “

For The Fans Of: Streetlight Manifesto, Lead Shot Hazard, Call Me Malcolm

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The Crash Mats – 69 Peruvian Panpipe Classics: Review

“The Crash Mats have unleashed an amusing album and a decent listen overall, a lot of it feels rather novelty, but it’s a nice distraction from the serious subject matters a lot of punk bands unload with. None of the tracks overstay their welcome, most of them don’t even make it past the two-minute mark. You blast through twenty-two songs in about thirty minutes and you don’t even realise. “69 Peruvian Panpipes Classics” sounds like three mates having fun and not a lot more. ”

For The Fans Of: Wonk Unit, The Liabilities, Asbo Retards

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August Burns Red – Phantom Anthem: Review

“August Burns Red seems to have a pattern with each album where they are dropping the catchy metalcore anthems such as ‘Meddler’ or ‘Empire’ more and more, there is a lack of sing-along segments that truly stand out. Even the “core” influences don’t truly show anymore; this is far more of a “metal” atmosphere to ‘Phantom Anthem’ than there has on any previous release. In that pattern, the musicianship just feels as if it improves with every album, each instrument just pricks your ears in the best way, from the shreds to the beautiful slow burner moments. August Burns Red have unveiled instrumental versions of the previous couple of albums and I can honestly say I cannot wait to hear those versions of these songs. I have a feeling this release may create a divide though, from those that want a release of all-out bruisers like an album such as ‘Messengers’, to those that appreciate the intricacies.”

For fans of Parkway Drive, Miss May I, In Hearts Wake

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Skies In Motion – Life Lessons: Review

“For the first time in a while, for a band that sounds just like other bands in a select subgenre, I’m not bored with the lack of variety and I want to listen to more. For that alone I commend the Derby lads, I’m really impressed with this debut; it’s one of the finest from an emerging UK act I’ve heard in years. I’d love to see them on tours with the likes of August Burns Red, Parkway Drive and While She Sleeps in the future.”

For fans of While She Sleeps, August Burns Red, In Hearts Wake

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Conveyer – No Future: Review

“Stepping up and using a producer takes nothing away from the sound that Conveyer has crafted from previous releases. All it has done is give the band a slightly polished and more professional sound, removing none of the rawness that suits their songwriting so well. This is a ruthless album which takes no prisoners, with each track unloading heaps of passion. What lets the album down, however, is that while there is variety, it’s still quite the blur when you listen to the album in one go. Tracks can fly by and you just don’t notice, yet when heard individually, the tracks are nearly always solid.”

For the fans of: Comeback Kid, Being As An Ocean, Underoath, Reign Supreme

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