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Interview with Adam Carroll of Zoax

“If we ever get offered main stage, WE….ARE….THERE with the biggest smiles on our faces.”

We had a chat with Zoax frontman Adam Carroll shortly after their weekend at Download Festival. We touched on their festival experiences and highlights, what it feels like to have a job and be in a band at the same time, NXTat Download and their entertaining live performances.

Read the full interview here for Broken Arrow Magazine


Interview with John Alfredsson of Avatar

“There were warriors who choose to get up early today to see us at eleven am. I’m very happy for that and thankful.”

We spoke to Avatar drummer John Alfredsson shortly after their set to talk about their festival experiences, how Download compares to other festivals and the first ever Download Festival in France.

Read the full interview here at Broken Arrow Magazine

Interview with Griffin Dickinson of Shvpes

“You get a glimpse of the mainstage and you can get an idea of what it could be like in the future. It’s really encouraging.”

We spoke to Shvpes vocalist Griffin Dickinson after their set at Download Festival. We talked about what is in store for Shvpes in the future, lasting memories of the festival and how the atmosphere is so much different atDownload compared to anywhere else.

Read the full interview at Broken Arrow Magazine here

Interview with Brandon Saller of Atreyu

“We just hoped at the time we would get asked to play one day. It was part of our bucket list.”

We had the opportunity to speak to Brandon Saller, the drummer and co-vocalist of metalcore outfit Atreyu after their set at Download Festival. We spoke about how over the years the festival experience has grown, the recent 10th-anniversary tour of their album ‘A Deathgrip on Yesterday’, touring Europe, the Warped Tour and more.

Read the full interview here at Broken Arrow Magazine

Interview with Faintest Idea

“We’re the first generation in about a century to be poorer than our parents” – Dani

We spoke to Dani from Faintest Idea on the build up to their highly anticipated album ‘Increasing The Minimum Rage’. We touched on new members, the writing process with popular ska producer Hieronymus Melchers and the world problems that drive Faintest Idea to write songs

Read the full interview at Broken Arrow Magazine here

Interview With Pat Thetic From Anti-Flag

I had the opportunity to meet with Pat Thetic, the drummer from Anti-Flag before their set at Sub 89 in Reading on August 7th. After exchanging pleasantries and introductions, we had a decent chat about Rebellion Festival, their latest album ‘American Spring‘, intimate shows and heavy touring, police brutality (we all know the band like to call out the police flaws at any given opportunity) and playing shows in bowling alleys.

“The American police, and I have no idea if this is the same in your culture or in the UK or not, but all the jackasses I went to high school with became police officers, and I’m sure that guy was also jackass in high school and became a police officer, just to show everyone else how much of a tough badass he can be, now he’s a fucking shithead and should be on trial.” Pat on the Sandy Bland incident.

Read the full interview for Broken Arrow Magazine here

Interview with Buddy Neilsen of Senses Fail

I had the opportunity to speak to Buddy Neilsen, the vocalist of post-hardcore survivors Senses Fail before their set at the Tunbridge Wells Forum. We brought up topics to do with their new album ‘Pull The Thorns From Your Heart’, their tour with Counterparts and the dying days of the emo era

“we just were never as popular over here like we are compared to in America and possibly even Australia.” Buddy Neilsen

Read the full interview at Broken Arrow Magazine here .

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