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Mammothfest Presents show #1

In 2015, Feed the Rhino was scheduled to headline one of the stages at Mammothfest but sadly, due to illness, the band had to pull out of performing at the last minute. The Kent outfit promised to make it up to the Brighton-based fans that missed out by coming back when the time was right. Eighteen months later, to celebrate Feed the Rhino returning to the seaside town, Mammothfest organised an all-day event featuring some of the best emerging heavy artists and alternative metal bands. What started out as a one-off event has culminated in the Mammothfest booking to at least two more themed all-dayer events to follow over the next month. So here is a review of the first “Mammothfest Presents” event of 2017.

This was a fantastic event that showcased the great quality of music in the toilet scene level of heavy music in the United Kingdom at the moment. It also shows the fantastic heavy metal community in Brighton that Mammothfest is striving build even further. This was a very “matey” kind of atmosphere all day; the bands all knew each other and the bands and fans were mostly friends with each other. Rounded up, it was a brilliant DIY event and I expect the next couple of “Mammothfest Presents” shows to be of the same standard.

Full review at here. Featuring Coverage of, Feed The Rhino, Magna Carta, Bleed Again, Seething Akira, The Five Hundred, Core Of iO, As Flames Rise, Kickfist, Hawka, Edge of Salvation and Tension Head

Our Hollow, Our Home – Hartsick

It’s a solid debut album from these lads and I have no doubt it will pique the interest from the likes of Download Festival and Slam Dunk over the next couple of years as this band continues to rise. It’s quite clear where the influences come from and the band uses them well, yet there isn’t anything distinctive about this quintet just now. There is nothing to automatically make me go, “This is Our Hollow, Our Home”. Though, there is the potential there to be up there with the likes of In Hearts Wake and Bury Tomorrow.

For The Fans Of: Bury Tomorrow, Architects, In Hearts Wake

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Krysthla – Peace In Our Time: Album Review

“I feel that Krysthla know their strong points and they have their niche that stands out against other emerging bands in British metal. Neither prog, tech or extreme metal are my “go to” subgenres in heavy music, but this combination of the three is truly captivating and far more appealing to a wider audience. “Peace in Our Time” showcases that Krysthla’s talent is very good now, but there is potential to be something great.”

For The Fans Of: Heart of a Coward, Textures, Cambion

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The Charm The Fury – The Sick, Dumb And Happy: Album Review

“I have been taken aback by how different The Charm The Fury now sounds, but I think this is a change for the better. Nothing against their older material, “The Social Meltdown” was a great debut EP, but the shift to taking influence dominantly from the 90s and 00s groove metal will win over a whole load of new fans. And to have a song like “Songs Of Obscenity” as a massive heavy metal sing-along will give people festival pleaser for sure. This isn’t an album that ticks boxes to be pigeonholed in subgenres, this is a no bullshit metal album for metal fans. “

For The Fans Of: Chimaira, Pantera, Damage Plan
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Body Count – Bloodlust: Album Review

“I think Body Count has released one of the most important albums of the year in terms of song topics. It’s not the first album to touch on them, after all in ‘Black Hoodie’ Ice-T claims he’s been rapping about police brutality for over 20 years. But, the world is in such dire straights that it still needs to hear these messages. Musically, ‘Bloodlust’ is solid. The influences from the likes of Slayer and Suicidal Tendencies stand out like a sore thumb, especially with a pretty decent ‘Raining Blood’ cover midway through the album. As a whole, the album features a simple formula to make a listener want to rock out that works in a way to keep you entertained because the lyrics are so profound. I have possibly found my favourite album of the year.

For fans of : Slayer, Public Enemy, Suicidal Tendencies, Rage Against The Machine

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Deez Nuts – Binge & Purgatory: Album Review

“This is the album that I think ‘Word Is Bond’ wanted to be, it’s a step up as a hardcore album. It takes us back to the roots of hardcore. ‘Word Is Bond’ was “In your face” and intense, ‘Binge & Purgatory’ takes a step back from being heavy for heavy sake and looks at the musicianship in a more calculated manner. In no way do I mean it’s technical, but the riffs and grooves, the two-step rhythms are more pleasing to the ear. It’s heavier yet more melodic, and in some ways that makes this a more appealing listen than the previous effort from the Aussies.”

For fans of: Your Demise, Stick To Your Guns, Lionheart,  Grove Street Families

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Talisman – Don’t Play With Fyah

“Most bands with a history that stretches back four decades are content to go through the motions, leaving their creative peak somewhere in the past, not Talisman. ‘Don’t’ Play With Fyah’ has been a delight to listen to. A lot different to the usual ska punk I flood my ears with on a regular basis. It’s nice to go back to a style that influenced those bands.”

For fans of: Tree House Fire, The Meditations, The Skints

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Black Volvo – Bad Driving: Album Review

“In true hardcore punk nature, a lot of these songs are short lived, 17 songs in 35 minutes, most of the tracks are either shorter than two minutes or don’t last a great deal longer than that mark. Black Volvo continue to blow us all away with their fat riffs and all round catchy anthems. From listening to this album, you can tell their live shows are just as energetic, fun and full of fans singing along to these easy to pick up songs. These songs are designed for a wild atmosphere and chaotic shows.”

For fans of: Dead Kennedys, Revenge of the Psychotronic Man, The Unseen

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Bolshy – Reap The Storm: Album Review

“Bolshy have massively entertained me with “Reap the Storm”; the mixture of elements keeps this album sounding so fresh and exciting, and each song provides with you with something a little different. Quite a few tracks follow the punchy style of the opening song but the title track, “Reap The Storm”, is a further example of another Streetlight’-influenced track. It’s fast and energetic with a nice split between fun and aggressive tones, but it also has a bouncy folk-tone, like it has a hint of Gogol Bordello. We do have a nice dub influenced interlude piece to split the album up a little too, keeping the record mixed throughout. Production-wise, it’s not entirely crisp nor perfect, but it works with the raw sound and attitude that Bolshy deliver.”

 For the fans of: Streetlight Manifesto, Leftover Crack, Random Hand
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