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Conveyer – No Future: Review

“Stepping up and using a producer takes nothing away from the sound that Conveyer has crafted from previous releases. All it has done is give the band a slightly polished and more professional sound, removing none of the rawness that suits their songwriting so well. This is a ruthless album which takes no prisoners, with each track unloading heaps of passion. What lets the album down, however, is that while there is variety, it’s still quite the blur when you listen to the album in one go. Tracks can fly by and you just don’t notice, yet when heard individually, the tracks are nearly always solid.”

For the fans of: Comeback Kid, Being As An Ocean, Underoath, Reign Supreme

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Ghouls – Run: Review

“Run” is a solid release, full of catchy anthems and impressive musicianship, and the album is a lot more melodic instead of hard-hitting like previous releases. There is a focus on appealing to a greater audience for sure and I think that perhaps we did see this coming, as quite a few of these songs could have easily gone on “Great Expectations, Pt.2”. But the lack of shit-kicking grooves like on “London’s Burning” is rather disappointing to the ska-core fan in me. Still, I can’t deny that I’m impressed with how Ghouls have evolved and created some truly epic songs à la “Disavowal” that deserve radio-play. “

For the fans of: Yellowcard, Neck Deep, Millie Manders

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Stray From The Path – Only Death Is Real: Review

“This an album that stunned me, I have always expected political stance from the New York outfit, but this is a band that is on a warpath and they want everyone to know. The passion in the vocals has so much fire; the lyrics are so violent, it reminds me of ‘The Marshall Mathers LP’ by Eminem, there is just so much hatred in this album. Musically I still love the nod to Rage Against The Machine, the riff work is so close Tom Morello‘s style it’s uncanny. Stray From The Path has unveiled one of my favourite albums of the year I think, without a doubt the most pissed off.”

For fans of Rage Against The Machine, Knocked Loose, Stick To Your Guns, Architects

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Just Say Nay – Shit Out Of Luck: Review

““Shit Out of Luck” is definitely one of my favourite finds of the year. The songwriting is just joyful, but what lowers my rating is perhaps the quality of the EP in terms of production. While I love the raw nature of it, there is a real basement show vibe to this thing and you can tell that this is a band in the early stages of their career, and not quite matching the polished sound of many of their peers just yet. At the same time, however, it sounds just as great as the early works of Skaciety and Lead Shot Hazard. Plus, if you compare it to the releases from Six.Point.Five and Battleska Galactica from the mid-2000s, both of those albums were still great and their production wasn’t anywhere near as good as this.

For the fans of: Skaciety, Lead Shot Hazard, Call Me Malcolm

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Deference – False Awakening: Review

“‘False Awakening’ is for those that like something heavy and beautiful at the same time, along with technical prowess. Having also checked out ‘XXXVII’, the previous EP, I think the most recent addition from Deference isn’t quite as brutal, that the Southampton lads definitely have pushed for a more adventurous approach, letting the musicianship shine instead creating an EP worth of all out pit starters.”

For fans of Architects, In Hearts Wake, Northlane

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Dream Awake – Don’t Hold Your Breath: Review

“What lets this EP down is that nothing truly makes each song distinctive, apart from maybe the guest appearances. Every song is heavy and melodic, to the point I can’t tell them apart. The melodies, guitar tones and vocals get rather generic, along with the breakdowns and shouting. The formula is there in delivering the right points in metalcore, but there just aren’t many moments that really grab my attention. I think there needs to be a bit more variety in the songwriting to make them stand out against their peers, along with a form of unique selling point.”

For fans of: In Hearts Wake, Faultlines, Napoleon

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Comeback Kid – Outsider: Review

I’ve been a big fan of Comeback Kid for years, with my preference usually edging towards former vocalist Scott Wade because of the masterpiece that was ‘Wake The Dead’. However, this is my favourite album from the Canadian’s since that release, it’s the best release with Andrew Neufeld on and I think the frontman is truly in his element on this album. He shows he can still deliver some of the fire that’s always been there, while unveiling his emotional side and desire to have some fun. ‘Outsider’ for me is a brilliant album and is going into my top 10 for 2017, it’s a fantastic release.

For fans of Stick To Your Guns, Terror, Trapped Under Ice, Turnstile

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Justice For The Damned – Dragged Through The Dirt: Review

“The diverse structure of the album goes from the all-bruiser style of a song like “Beyond the Pale” to the masterful and thought-provoking musicianship heard in a song such as “It Will Always Be My Fault” which, while it has those crushing riffs, presents a mixture of shredding leads and rather beautiful solo melodies. Where I do struggle with this album is that the black metal side is quite overpowering and gets a bit tedious after a while. I love the all-out ferocity; the metallic hardcore elements truly win me over and there are moments that make me want to lose my shit. But the droning parts just go on a bit too long and essentially just don’t do it for me. I respect the fresh idea of trying something that I’m pretty sure hasn’t been done before, and I can imagine that this “twist” on hardcore and metal is actually going to be very popular. Personally, I’m just not ready to fully embrace it yet.”

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Thy Art Is Murder – Dear Desolation: Album Review

““Dear Desolation” is still unapologetically heavy and we expected nothing less. We have a real shit-kicker on our hands, one that will create the nastiest of circle pits, the hardest moshes and make necks ache for days. Where this album fails, however, is that while there are melodies to balance out the heaviness, it all becomes a blur after a while. The tracks sound great on their own, but as a collection, it does get a little tedious.”

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