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Betraying The Martyrs – The Resilient

Where ‘The Resilient’ succeeds is in its musicianship, Betraying The Martyrs create chaotic pit starters from start to finish. The senseless brutality is on par with the metalcore elite. Then the little added layers of fiddly key melodies and ear-pricking synth rhythms just tweak each song from sounding like every other metalcore band. Where this album fails is that it is a long album of near enough the same format the whole way through. After a few tracks I’m aching for the band to throw me something a little different, which they did with ‘Won’t Back Down’, ‘Ghost’ and ‘Wide Awake’ but by then my attention was starting to waver.

For fans of: Upon A Burning Body, Breakdown of Sanity, Miss May I

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Energy – Apparition Sound

The tone of the album emits the same horror/gothic punk vibe that suits AFI and Creeper, I’d even say that the opening tracks would fit right in on an early 2000s AFI album like ‘Sing The Sorrow’. I’d have loved more of the darker, heavier tones that Energy released here. But, I can’t deny that the catchy atmosphere they unleash with the rest of the album is probably the more hooking factor of ‘Apparition Sound’, the pop-punk vibes really drag you in. The main downer is that the album is over so quickly, even for eight tracks, it feels like the album just flies by before you can really get into it.

For fans of: Creeper, AFI, +44

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Darko – Bonsai Mammoth: Album Review

This album has caught me by surprise, purely by how impressive it is for a debut. The production isn’t overly done and it just adds to the raw atmosphere that Darko unleashes, it speaks to the DIY nature of punk-rock and the gritty bars they have played over the years. ‘Bonsai Mammoth’ is an essential listen for skate fans in 2017.

For fans of: A Wilhelm Scream, Strike Anywhere, Strung Out

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Galactic Empire – Galactic Empire: Album Review

As an initial listen, this album is pure genius. Musically this album is phenomenal with impeccable instrumentation. But I see the popularity of it being short lived. After all, Austrian Death Machine was a great fad while it lasted, like most gimmicks. How much music can you make off metal Star Wars covers? Galactic Empire has already covered the most iconic of themes on this album, is it worth making a follow-up? How long can a band tour on this material before people get bored of it? I like the idea and the covers, but I’m hoping these are purely for fun and to show off how technical these musicians can be.

For fans of: Star Wars, Dragonforce

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Code Orange – Forever: Album Review

‘Forever’ is an album that breaks the boundaries of hardcore in a spectacular way. It’s weird because this album doesn’t quite meet my exact tastes in the genre, but I can appreciate the way it differs from the meat and potatoes mould of the genre. ‘Forever’ pulls in a variety of styles to appeal to different tastes and to just keep things interesting is a massive win for Code Orange. It’s a brutal release, but also very clever. it’s something the Pittsburgh lads were experimenting with on their 2014 release ‘I Am King’, only this time it appears that Code Orange have mastered this diverse style of hardcore.

For fans of: Oathbreaker, Harms Way, Brutality Will Prevail

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Beyond Recall – Selfish Scars: EP Review

“Overall, ‘Selfish Scars’ is an enjoyable release and a joyful take on the “heavy meets chirpy” music dynamic. I can imagine Beyond Recall‘s shows are highly energetic with lots of jumping around and singing along. This could be the breakout EP the trio need in order to be taken more seriously in the alternative music world than they already are.”

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Last Edition – Best Foot Forward: Album Review

“‘Best Foot Forward’ has swiftly put Last Edition on my radar as one of the most fun sounding ska bands in the UK. The third wave ska influence helps with that dramatically. Do we need another Reel Big Fish? Probably not, but this album was too enjoyable to really complain about the lack of originality.”

For fans of: Reel Big Fish, Less Than Jake, Big D and the Kids Table

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Celeb Car Crash – People Are The Best Show: Review

Everything about this album is reminiscent of alternative rock from the mid-90s to the mid-00s, especially with the various styles of rock music that fill the release. It’s an album that keeps you on your toes at first, but once you pick up on the influences it becomes a little predictable. You can appreciate the appeal to sound like some of the biggest bands of a generation, though, and this release is a good example of mimicking a popular sound to work in your favour. If you like any of the bands previously mentioned then ‘People Are The Best Show’ is for you.

For fans of: Foo Fighters, Kings of Leon, Alter Bridge

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Counterparts at The Camden Underworld, London: Live Review

It’s not every day that the Camden Underworld sells out, but the chance to catch American hardcore favourites Expire play their last ever gig in the United Kingdom was bound to pack the venue out. Not only that but a stellar lineup featuring one of the UK’s most promising hardcore acts in Renounced, Knocked Loose, who were playing London for the first time, Somerset melodic hardcore outfit, Landscapes and Canada’s hottest hardcore act Counterpartsto close the night off, there was high expectations for this night from the start.

This was a show that was up there as one of the best I’ve seen all year, each set grabbed my attention. Renouncedcontinue to impress with each show, Knocked Loose proved to be a force to be reckoned with, Landscapes unleashed a emotion like no other, Expire were mind blowing and it’s a massive shame this was the last time we’ll get to see them. Counterparts being on two 10/10 shows of the year is no coincidence, both times they were a real highlight. Next time they come back to the UK, be there.

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