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Neck Deep – The Peace And The Panic

“This album feels a tad fresher compared to previous releases and even their peers, there is a fair level of diversity. From pulling in influences from old-school pop punk classics to the angst in easycore, then coming in with calming acoustic slow burners such as ‘Which You Were Here’ and the uplifting ’19 Seventy Sumthin’’. Tracks such as ‘Heavy Lies’ and ‘Where Do We Go When We Go’ are a much-needed return to the pop punk side of things and return to the Neck Deep I remember from previous releases.

I personally don’t think this album is better than ‘Life’s Not Out To Get You’, that was a very good album. However, the level of diversity keeps me interested in ‘The Peace And The Panic’ without it being too different to previous material, this is still very much a Neck Deep album and one that keeps pushing them to pop-punk greatness.”

For fans of Yellowcard, Simple Plan, Roam

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Wage War – Deadweight: Album Review

“Does this album differ from the debut? It doesn’t really. In fact ‘Deadweight’ picks up brilliantly where its predecessor left off. ‘Stitch’ was among one of the first songs written on the heels of ‘Blueprints’, perhaps just bringing more of the same with more aggression. The album delivers a fresher approach to metalcore, perhaps by being more “metal” than a lot of Wage War’s peers. This certainly helps them stand out from the mix. The teamwork between Bond and Quistad is seamlessly throughout and is a real hooking factor to the album along with the urgency in attitude from a song such as ‘Indestructible’. Wage War continues to be a real game changer for metalcore with yet another impressive release.”

For fans of: Architects, Slipknot, In Hearts Wake

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Makky’s Boomtown Diary parts 1 and 2

The Boomtown diary returns for a third year running, perhaps this time with more added drama than I would have liked, but that just gives me more to talk about. This was a weekend that had some downs but many ups to make up for it….

For a general sum up of my experience. I think out of the three years in attending Boomtown, this was the least enjoyable on a whole. But that’s not to say I had a bad time, I had a fantastic few days following the disastrous Thursday. I saw bands that I loved at their best, and I discovered yet more new acts. Even after the downer this has still been one of the funnest weekends I’ve had all year.

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In This Moment – Ritual: Album Review

“‘Ritual’ is a more mature album, it lacks the ferocity from earlier albums, and perhaps the sexy element of the past couple of releases, but it pushes for a darker side of In This Moment. It’s quite the shift, but it feels like an improvement, aimed towards bigger crowds. There are outright catchy rock anthems such as ‘Half God Half Devil’ that will be perfect for metal clubs. This will only hook in a new group of music fan, though it might perhaps alienate those that like their music just raw and heavy, though a song like ‘Roots’ keeps that faith there.

A lot of this reminds me of the direction that Five Finger Death Punch attempted, In This Moment just does it better, incorporating various sub genres into the mix, from industrial to sultry blues rock. Brink and crew still have what it takes to keep things interesting and show some vigour while doing that.”

For fans of: Lacuna Coil, Marilyn Manson, Shinedown, Halestorm

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Silverstein – Dead Reflection: Album Review

“After being around so long, you would think that a band might have lost their edge, with Silverstein it’s far from it. The music is still an expression for them to explain their pain. They sound as strong as they did in the early 2000s, just with more talent and experience in utilising different moods. The dynamic is as regular as you’d expect from the Canadians, and perhaps at first you get that negative response of “this is just the same old Silverstein. But, the more you listen to the album, the more your view on how you say that sentence changes. This is the same old Silverstein in such a positive way, to the point of reminding me why I loved this band to begin with. From the outright aggressive side to the sombre and melodic, to the full on sing along catchiness, this album has it all in the realms of the genre, and even shows other genres how it’s done.”

For fans of: The Used, Senses Fail, Funeral For A Friend

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Betraying The Martyrs – The Resilient

Where ‘The Resilient’ succeeds is in its musicianship, Betraying The Martyrs create chaotic pit starters from start to finish. The senseless brutality is on par with the metalcore elite. Then the little added layers of fiddly key melodies and ear-pricking synth rhythms just tweak each song from sounding like every other metalcore band. Where this album fails is that it is a long album of near enough the same format the whole way through. After a few tracks I’m aching for the band to throw me something a little different, which they did with ‘Won’t Back Down’, ‘Ghost’ and ‘Wide Awake’ but by then my attention was starting to waver.

For fans of: Upon A Burning Body, Breakdown of Sanity, Miss May I

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Energy – Apparition Sound

The tone of the album emits the same horror/gothic punk vibe that suits AFI and Creeper, I’d even say that the opening tracks would fit right in on an early 2000s AFI album like ‘Sing The Sorrow’. I’d have loved more of the darker, heavier tones that Energy released here. But, I can’t deny that the catchy atmosphere they unleash with the rest of the album is probably the more hooking factor of ‘Apparition Sound’, the pop-punk vibes really drag you in. The main downer is that the album is over so quickly, even for eight tracks, it feels like the album just flies by before you can really get into it.

For fans of: Creeper, AFI, +44

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Darko – Bonsai Mammoth: Album Review

This album has caught me by surprise, purely by how impressive it is for a debut. The production isn’t overly done and it just adds to the raw atmosphere that Darko unleashes, it speaks to the DIY nature of punk-rock and the gritty bars they have played over the years. ‘Bonsai Mammoth’ is an essential listen for skate fans in 2017.

For fans of: A Wilhelm Scream, Strike Anywhere, Strung Out

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Galactic Empire – Galactic Empire: Album Review

As an initial listen, this album is pure genius. Musically this album is phenomenal with impeccable instrumentation. But I see the popularity of it being short lived. After all, Austrian Death Machine was a great fad while it lasted, like most gimmicks. How much music can you make off metal Star Wars covers? Galactic Empire has already covered the most iconic of themes on this album, is it worth making a follow-up? How long can a band tour on this material before people get bored of it? I like the idea and the covers, but I’m hoping these are purely for fun and to show off how technical these musicians can be.

For fans of: Star Wars, Dragonforce

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