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Beyond Recall – Selfish Scars: EP Review

“Overall, ‘Selfish Scars’ is an enjoyable release and a joyful take on the “heavy meets chirpy” music dynamic. I can imagine Beyond Recall‘s shows are highly energetic with lots of jumping around and singing along. This could be the breakout EP the trio need in order to be taken more seriously in the alternative music world than they already are.”

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Samsara – Bloodlines

““Bloodlines” is an impressive debut from the Arizona act, as Samsara take elements that work from various bands in metalcore and blend them to make their own, solid release. From this EP alone, the band have grabbed my attention and I can only imagine that with hard work the band can improve and grow to be a real metalcore heavyweight over time.”

For the fans of: A Day to Remember, In Hearts Wake, The Ghost Inside, August Burns Red

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Six Time Champion – More Than Me: EP Review

“I hate to come across so negative, because it’s not a bad release in the slightest — it is a decent sounding EP if you enjoy pop-punk. Apart from “Down”, which is extremely fresh sounding, I can’t escape that notion that ‘More Than Me’ just sounds like every other pop-punk band going. The genre is becoming as typical and predictable as easycore. There is a severe lack originality, which is making it hard to get excited when you hear a new release. Even more so when you sound just like your peers, you really don’t stand out against them.”

For the fans of: ROAM, As It Is, Neck Deep

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Toy Mountains – I Swore I’d Never Speak of This Again: Review

‘I Swore I’d Never Speak of This Again’ is highly experimental in influences, yet it’s pulled off brilliantly. The heavy and soft dynamics flow in a manner that makes the lengthier tracks not overstay their welcome. Upon hearing this EP, I can definitely understand the hype surrounding the band, showing a level of maturity in songwriting unmatched by many of their peers.

For fans of: Ghost of a Thousand, Gallows, Hundred Reasons, early-Biffy Clyro

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Tirade – Tirade: Review

It’s clear that this EP is designed for radioplay, as each song pushes catchiness to the forefront. But the heavy hooks -work reminds me of Ash back in the early to mid-‘00s, with the ability to produce memorable hooks and still unleash hard-hitting riffage. I’d just like to see how heavy Tirade can push themselves without losing that infectious side to them. I feel that the Manchester-born band can go to even further extremes to really capitalise on their influences. Be catchier, be heavier — because at the moment, it’s really good, but could even be great.

For the fans of: Ash, Lower Than Atlantis, Don Broco

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Brave Vultures – I’m Not Coming Back If You’re Not Here: Review

“The punk fan in me prefers the first and last tracks for their skate punk/pop punk nature, catchy vibes and all out fun atmosphere. But the rest of the tracks help showcase all of what Brave Vultures are about, there are some demons that needed to be unleashed and it’s not all fun and games, even if the influences are there. The Essex band can pull off joyful tones and emotional ones nicely, though I do hope for more of the punk-influenced material of future releases.”

For fans of: Taking Back Sunday, Say Anything, Dashboard Confessional

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High Rise – Left It For Everything: Review

“High Rise stands out by blending sub-genres that have yet to be experimented with on a larger scale. “Left It for Everything” is a well-produced compilation of songs that hook in various tastes in alternative music. It’s mildly ambitious, yet not entirely unique. The heavy material with big hooking choruses harks back to the formula that A Day to Remember popularised, yet the clean singing is less infectiously pop-punk and more in the line of alternative rock — meaning less of the sickly sweet taste in your mouth that pop-punk sometimes leaves.”

For The Fans Of: Beartooth, Architects, The Ghost Inside

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Stick To Your Guns – Better Ash Than Dust: Review

“‘Better Ash Than Dust’ is a collection of five tracks that set free all kind of passion and emotions that have been built up within the band. Anger seems to be key and Stick To Your Guns don’t bite their tongues lyrically when it comes to their political beliefs, though they never have done. It’s a great effort and I look forward to hearing more when the time comes.”

For fans of: The Ghost Inside, Your Demise, Parkway Drive

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Confessions of a Traitor – Illuminate: Review

“‘Illuminate’ is a solid release from the quintet. The word unique has been used to describe the band, but I don’t recognise it. I notice influences from countless bands in the genres of metalcore and metallic hardcore that have come before them. While She Sleeps and Parkway Drive as just two examples of similar bands that made their names from producing brutal breakdown with incredible melodies, and awesome anthemic choruses. Hopefully,Confessions of a Traitor can follow in similar footsteps. With this EP, they are certainly going in the right direction.”

For fans of: While She Sleeps, Parkway Drive, Bury Tomorrow Bring Me The Horizon (pre-2015)

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