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The Domestics – Cherry Blossom Life: Album Review

“The album itself is rather one dimensional; you hear the first track and you get a strong idea of what the rest of it is going to give you. You get the minor differences in the likes of “Death Trap”, which is more of a groover than a thrasher like “Frustration”, but the core values are very much the same throughout — a simple message of “let’s create carnage”. The flow of the album works solidly in that respect, and it’s a fun listen. I can imagine this lot are incredibly chaotic live and that blood, sweat and tears are all that’s left after one of their shows. However, if you’re after something a bit more creative or diverse than the relentless aggression dispensed here, you may end up disappointed. “

For the fans of: Revenge of the Psychotronic Man, Negative Approach, Casual

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Trapped Under Ice – Heatwave: Album Review

“What’s different is that there are no real anthems, lacking the singalong hooks. The album is mostly ‘balls to the wall’ energy, the style of youth crew hardcore and almost rappy style vocals has gone. Trapped Under Ice has stripped back a lot of their elements, boasting standard beats and grooves topped off with outright aggression, and “Move” has some monstrous riffs. Yet Trapped Under Ice have pushed for a more progressive sound compared to what we are used to from them, adding some instrumental segments and brandishing more technical prowess on the guitar front, meaning we get countless solos; “Other Side” is a good example of this. It’s a solid comeback from the Baltimore lads, though not quite what I expect. Some say that “Heatwave” is boundary pushing for the genre, but I disagree, it just feels more traditional and a return to roots of hardcore if anything.”

For The Fans Of: Turnstile, Angel Dust, Cruel Hand, Backtrack, Down To Nothing

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Miozan – Surrender Denied: Review

“”Surrender Denied” is a nice introduction to Miozan for me and likely a whole new generation of hardcore fans; it just oozes the true spirit of the genre. The core sound stands out like a sore thumb compared to the likes of genre leaders Terror in terms of lacking real vicious intent like most modern hardcore bands, but at the same time, these pioneers of European hardcore still fit in right at home with the rest. They have not lost their hunger in the slightest and I can imagine their shows are just as chaotic now as they ever were. “

 For The Fans Of: Wisdom In Chains, All For Nothing, No Turning Back
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First Blood – Rules: Album Review

“The album lacks diversity, but it’s creative within the realms of the hardcore genre. “Rules of Government”, for one, is a pure headbanger; a bit slower and heavier than most of the tracks but a real bruiser all the same. “Rules of Freedom”, on the other hand, is up-tempo and chaotic after about 50 seconds in and if any track craves for a circle pit, it’s this one. “Rules” is thus a decent listen which does its job in causing carnage, but it’s hardly groundbreaking and does get somewhat repetitive. Still, it’s great to see that First Blood has not lost its edge after all these years.”

For the fans of: Hatebreed, Terror, Lionheart

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Throwing Stuff – Fit, Fine & Well: Album Review

“Most of “Fit, Fine & Well” is pretty samey, sound-wise at least. It’s raw, very low-fi, up-tempo and completely full of angst, like a more aggressive Revenge of the Psychotronic Man or a darker Pizza Tramp. The riff progression at the start of “Steve’s Job” even reminds me of the intro to Revenge track, “Rrose Sélavy (To Make A Toast To Life)”. Not so say of this is a bad thing, just don’t expect any real diversity or obviously different influences thrown into the mix. It’s a solid release that does exactly what it needs to create energy and deliver the right kind messages. ”

For The Fans Of: Revenge of the Psychotronic Man, Pizza Tramp, Gallows, Survival

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Brutality Will Prevail – In Dark Places

“In terms of how this compares to the previous album, I feel tracks don’t stand out as much when you play the whole album. On “Suspension Of Consciousness” there was more variety in styles used; Hardcore, metal, stoner rock and even some shoegaze. On “In Dark Places” only the moshy two-step vibe mixed with relaxed heavy hooks is really pushed to the forefront. This is still a decent follow-up release, though. It’s an album full of tracks that will have you moving and banging your head. While the previous album showed more musical progression and talent, this one will appeal to the older fans who simply like their hardcore riffage. “

For The Fans Of: Breaking Point, Hang The Bastard, Code Orange, Coldburn

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BONO! – No Escape: EP review

“Production wise this isn’t the strongest, but it works towards that DIY hardcore appeal. The gritty sound just adds to the gritty atmosphere the music unleashes. The only downside to the EP as a whole is that the best track is leading single, ‘No Escape’, and sadly it’s the shortest song out of the four at just over a minute long. I can’t tell a band how to write, but their “balls to the wall” sing along anthems with a punchy attitude is certainly their strongest point. I’d love more of that.”

For fans of Salt Wound, Belief System, Hardout, Adjust, Beer Money

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Body Count – Bloodlust: Album Review

“I think Body Count has released one of the most important albums of the year in terms of song topics. It’s not the first album to touch on them, after all in ‘Black Hoodie’ Ice-T claims he’s been rapping about police brutality for over 20 years. But, the world is in such dire straights that it still needs to hear these messages. Musically, ‘Bloodlust’ is solid. The influences from the likes of Slayer and Suicidal Tendencies stand out like a sore thumb, especially with a pretty decent ‘Raining Blood’ cover midway through the album. As a whole, the album features a simple formula to make a listener want to rock out that works in a way to keep you entertained because the lyrics are so profound. I have possibly found my favourite album of the year.

For fans of : Slayer, Public Enemy, Suicidal Tendencies, Rage Against The Machine

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Deez Nuts – Binge & Purgatory: Album Review

“This is the album that I think ‘Word Is Bond’ wanted to be, it’s a step up as a hardcore album. It takes us back to the roots of hardcore. ‘Word Is Bond’ was “In your face” and intense, ‘Binge & Purgatory’ takes a step back from being heavy for heavy sake and looks at the musicianship in a more calculated manner. In no way do I mean it’s technical, but the riffs and grooves, the two-step rhythms are more pleasing to the ear. It’s heavier yet more melodic, and in some ways that makes this a more appealing listen than the previous effort from the Aussies.”

For fans of: Your Demise, Stick To Your Guns, Lionheart,  Grove Street Families

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