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Siberian Meat Grinder – Metal Bear Stomp

“Metal Bear Stomp” is thus a fun release with tracks that are more designed for the live experience than to sit and listen to at home. Each track has the intention to get your blood pumping, to get you rocking and losing your voice to the numerous shout-outs. The quality of the songwriting and the production has improved since the previous releases, as expected, and the album is heavier and more aggressive than past material, while it still remains incredibly hooking.

For the fans of: Municipal Waste, Suicidal Tendencies, Slayer

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Haema – Insurrection: Review

Overall, ‘Insurrection’ is bound to rub some people (elitists) the wrong way purely because they would rather forget about the nu-metal scene and bands that were roughly associated with it. On the other hand, this is a solid listen, there are moments that make me want to just lose my shit and destroy everything in my path, and then to counterbalance that there are segments just to sit back and appreciate the musicianship, such as an out of the blue guitar solo in the title-track, or the impromptu synth rhythm in ‘Free Man’.

For fans of Korn, American Head Charge, 00s era Machine Head, Rammstein

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Justice For The Damned – Dragged Through The Dirt: Review

“The diverse structure of the album goes from the all-bruiser style of a song like “Beyond the Pale” to the masterful and thought-provoking musicianship heard in a song such as “It Will Always Be My Fault” which, while it has those crushing riffs, presents a mixture of shredding leads and rather beautiful solo melodies. Where I do struggle with this album is that the black metal side is quite overpowering and gets a bit tedious after a while. I love the all-out ferocity; the metallic hardcore elements truly win me over and there are moments that make me want to lose my shit. But the droning parts just go on a bit too long and essentially just don’t do it for me. I respect the fresh idea of trying something that I’m pretty sure hasn’t been done before, and I can imagine that this “twist” on hardcore and metal is actually going to be very popular. Personally, I’m just not ready to fully embrace it yet.”

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Thy Art Is Murder – Dear Desolation: Album Review

““Dear Desolation” is still unapologetically heavy and we expected nothing less. We have a real shit-kicker on our hands, one that will create the nastiest of circle pits, the hardest moshes and make necks ache for days. Where this album fails, however, is that while there are melodies to balance out the heaviness, it all becomes a blur after a while. The tracks sound great on their own, but as a collection, it does get a little tedious.”

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King Leviathan – Paean Heretica: Album Review

“Until now, I’ve always preferred King Leviathan live to their studio work, “The Shrine” was really good and had a couple of awesome anthems, but they never quite matched the live energy that is incredibly appealing. “Paean Heretica”, however, is a massive improvement and incredibly alluring with how dark it gets, it’s an album that encapsulates the real King Leviathan aura. Production for this release is a lot crisper, without losing that raw atmosphere that metal sometimes needs. The songwriting feels a lot more ambitious, a real blend of beauty meets the beast, but it works so well and still feels strongly like a King Leviathan release. This is a fantastic debut from the Brighton lads, and far more of an interesting listen than originally expected.”

For The Fans Of: Wretched Soul, Sylosis

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Miss May I – Shadows Inside: Album Review

“Six albums into a ten-year career, that’s a lot of churned out music and Miss May I don’t seem any bigger than they were five years ago. Though, with this latest release, it’s certainly one to take notice of the Ohio outfit again. Miss May I still has something to offer, and it’s clear that moving towards a straight up metal style is working more in their favour than leaning towards the constantly fluctuating metalcore scene. There are elements of both core and metal, but the shreds and fiddly little hooks are something that even Megadeth would be proud of. “

For The Fans Of: Darkest Hour, Bury Tomorrow, Texas In July

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Emmure – Look At Yourself: Album Review

“What this album lacks is an anthem. There isn’t an “R2 Deepthroat” or “Solar Flare Homicide” that stands out above the rest. Apart from the attention-grabbing quips of nu-metal influences, a lot of this album blends into one and is just a strong reminder of the Emmure of old. People will still make the jokes of comparing the guitar tabs to binary code. I was hoping for something fresher, considering all the background changes leading up to the album but I can’t fault the band’s delivery of pure savagery and brutality; they do know how to unleash all kinds of hell. If nothing else, you can always count on Emmure to write songs designed to incite pit carnage. ”

For the fans of: The Acacia Strain, Bury Your Dead, King Conquer

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Sorrow Plagues – Homecoming: Album Review

“While Lovejoy claims Sorrow Plagues and his influences lie within the realm of black metal, it’s not where I’d place “Homecoming”; the album is almost too beautiful to exist in a sub-genre normally considered to be incredibly dark. It’s not a release I can imagine myself listening to regularly; rather, it’s an album you want to stick on and drift off with. The only downfall is that I think the tracks are rather long and drag out a fair bit. Sometimes it works to have long songs if you have enough variety to keep the listener engaged, but while most of “Homecoming” is a pleasant listen, there is a lot of unnecessary repetition on each track. Even so, however, I cannot ignore how impressive the musicianship really is.”

For the fans of: Deafheaven, Alcest

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The Five Hundred – The Veil: EP Review

“”The Veil” is a solid listen, it’s ridiculously heavy in places while the impressive musicianship balances it out from being a heavy album for heavy sake. The fiddly solos, the combination of hard hitting riffs, the impacting drum work and a frontman who can sing epically as well as show his ferocious side. These are great elements of a decent metal band, and this is a nice taster for a new album on the horizon.”

For The Fans Of: Heart of a Coward,Monuments, Betraying The Martyrs, Textures

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