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Wage War – Deadweight: Album Review

“Does this album differ from the debut? It doesn’t really. In fact ‘Deadweight’ picks up brilliantly where its predecessor left off. ‘Stitch’ was among one of the first songs written on the heels of ‘Blueprints’, perhaps just bringing more of the same with more aggression. The album delivers a fresher approach to metalcore, perhaps by being more “metal” than a lot of Wage War’s peers. This certainly helps them stand out from the mix. The teamwork between Bond and Quistad is seamlessly throughout and is a real hooking factor to the album along with the urgency in attitude from a song such as ‘Indestructible’. Wage War continues to be a real game changer for metalcore with yet another impressive release.”

For fans of: Architects, Slipknot, In Hearts Wake

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Miss May I – Shadows Inside: Album Review

“Six albums into a ten-year career, that’s a lot of churned out music and Miss May I don’t seem any bigger than they were five years ago. Though, with this latest release, it’s certainly one to take notice of the Ohio outfit again. Miss May I still has something to offer, and it’s clear that moving towards a straight up metal style is working more in their favour than leaning towards the constantly fluctuating metalcore scene. There are elements of both core and metal, but the shreds and fiddly little hooks are something that even Megadeth would be proud of. “

For The Fans Of: Darkest Hour, Bury Tomorrow, Texas In July

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Emmure – Look At Yourself: Album Review

“What this album lacks is an anthem. There isn’t an “R2 Deepthroat” or “Solar Flare Homicide” that stands out above the rest. Apart from the attention-grabbing quips of nu-metal influences, a lot of this album blends into one and is just a strong reminder of the Emmure of old. People will still make the jokes of comparing the guitar tabs to binary code. I was hoping for something fresher, considering all the background changes leading up to the album but I can’t fault the band’s delivery of pure savagery and brutality; they do know how to unleash all kinds of hell. If nothing else, you can always count on Emmure to write songs designed to incite pit carnage. ”

For the fans of: The Acacia Strain, Bury Your Dead, King Conquer

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Bleed Again – Momentum

The Worthing five-piece combines the brutality of death metal with the raw ferocity of metalcore, drawing a direct influence from the sound that flooded the New Wave of American Heavy Metal scene in the early 2000s. Think of the perfect mix of Chimaira, As I Lay Dying, Killswitch Engage and Trivium. And, while the previous releases have shown glimpses of what Bleed Again can produce, “Momentum” surprises us all with how much the band has grown in just a couple of years.

I came into this album expecting good things, I never quite expected an album this good. While the main metalcore vibe is still the stand out feature on most of the release. Bleed Again have shown more depth with “Momentum”, showing newer influences by getting heavier and softer in their songwriting. With this album, the Worthing lads have revealed great potential on their debut release, leaving an album with the similar calibre to Bury Tomorrow’s earlier albums.

 For The Fans Of: Chimaira, As I Lay Dying, Killswitch Engage, Trivium
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Just days following the release of their third album, ‘You Are We’, Sheffield metallers, While She Sleeps headed to the south coast city of Brighton as part of their extensive tour around the UK. What made this occasion more special was that the iconic Concorde 2 was sold out weeks before the show. This was incredible, considering that two London shows were sold out on this tour, too.

The majority of the set was filled with new material and I felt that this was a downside to the show. The reactions from the crowd were great for each song, but for a set to be dominated by material from an album released a few day prior to the show felt like overkill. I certainly would have expected more than two songs from ‘This Is The Six’. Nevertheless, this was a fantastic performance from the Sheffield crew and they had a very rowdy crowd eating out of the palm of their hands. It was true showmanship and I can only expect the next time they play Brighton will be a bigger venue, such as The Dome.

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Our Hollow, Our Home – Hartsick

It’s a solid debut album from these lads and I have no doubt it will pique the interest from the likes of Download Festival and Slam Dunk over the next couple of years as this band continues to rise. It’s quite clear where the influences come from and the band uses them well, yet there isn’t anything distinctive about this quintet just now. There is nothing to automatically make me go, “This is Our Hollow, Our Home”. Though, there is the potential there to be up there with the likes of In Hearts Wake and Bury Tomorrow.

For The Fans Of: Bury Tomorrow, Architects, In Hearts Wake

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The Charm The Fury – The Sick, Dumb And Happy: Album Review

“I have been taken aback by how different The Charm The Fury now sounds, but I think this is a change for the better. Nothing against their older material, “The Social Meltdown” was a great debut EP, but the shift to taking influence dominantly from the 90s and 00s groove metal will win over a whole load of new fans. And to have a song like “Songs Of Obscenity” as a massive heavy metal sing-along will give people festival pleaser for sure. This isn’t an album that ticks boxes to be pigeonholed in subgenres, this is a no bullshit metal album for metal fans. “

For The Fans Of: Chimaira, Pantera, Damage Plan
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Betraying The Martyrs – The Resilient

Where ‘The Resilient’ succeeds is in its musicianship, Betraying The Martyrs create chaotic pit starters from start to finish. The senseless brutality is on par with the metalcore elite. Then the little added layers of fiddly key melodies and ear-pricking synth rhythms just tweak each song from sounding like every other metalcore band. Where this album fails is that it is a long album of near enough the same format the whole way through. After a few tracks I’m aching for the band to throw me something a little different, which they did with ‘Won’t Back Down’, ‘Ghost’ and ‘Wide Awake’ but by then my attention was starting to waver.

For fans of: Upon A Burning Body, Breakdown of Sanity, Miss May I

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The Devil Wears Prada – Transit Blues

There are elements on “Transit Blues” such as the synth melodies and clean singing vocals that are a reminder to the band I discovered when hearing “Reptar, King of the Ozone”. But, that kind of song doesn’t appear on this album and neither does any song replicate the catchy appeal of popular hit “Dez Moines”. “Transit Blues” is the darkest and most emotional album I’ve heard from The Devil Wears Prada, it feels like the “we’ve grown up” album, taking a more sophisticated approach to songwriting. It works in a way to keep things fresh and with the times, melodic hardcore is the popular genre at the moment and writing songs that with a similar sound could very well hook in a new fan base.

For The Fans Of: Underoath, Architects, Oh Sleeper

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