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Dugstock 2017

Easter weekend kicked off with a punk extravaganza at the New Cross Inn. A two-day event hosted by Umlaut Records, showcasing some of the UK’s brightest emerging artists, a few well-known names and introducing us to a couple bands from across the continent. This was always going to be a fun fueled couple of days in south London.

My afterthoughts are that overall this was a great couple of days for Umlaut to show off their roster and play a show with some mates, bringing the DIY punk scene together. Most of this bill I wasn’t familiar with, a few hooking names grabbed my interest prior to the event. But, every act impressed me in some respect, nobody put on a bad show and everyone was entertaining. It was a ‘Matesfest’ atmosphere as all the bands seemed to know each other in some way. The running theme of skate punk, but the variety of styles were in to keep things fresh and not entirely the same for 20 acts.

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Black Volvo – Bad Driving: Album Review

“In true hardcore punk nature, a lot of these songs are short lived, 17 songs in 35 minutes, most of the tracks are either shorter than two minutes or don’t last a great deal longer than that mark. Black Volvo continue to blow us all away with their fat riffs and all round catchy anthems. From listening to this album, you can tell their live shows are just as energetic, fun and full of fans singing along to these easy to pick up songs. These songs are designed for a wild atmosphere and chaotic shows.”

For fans of: Dead Kennedys, Revenge of the Psychotronic Man, The Unseen

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Energy – Apparition Sound

The tone of the album emits the same horror/gothic punk vibe that suits AFI and Creeper, I’d even say that the opening tracks would fit right in on an early 2000s AFI album like ‘Sing The Sorrow’. I’d have loved more of the darker, heavier tones that Energy released here. But, I can’t deny that the catchy atmosphere they unleash with the rest of the album is probably the more hooking factor of ‘Apparition Sound’, the pop-punk vibes really drag you in. The main downer is that the album is over so quickly, even for eight tracks, it feels like the album just flies by before you can really get into it.

For fans of: Creeper, AFI, +44

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Darko – Bonsai Mammoth: Album Review

This album has caught me by surprise, purely by how impressive it is for a debut. The production isn’t overly done and it just adds to the raw atmosphere that Darko unleashes, it speaks to the DIY nature of punk-rock and the gritty bars they have played over the years. ‘Bonsai Mammoth’ is an essential listen for skate fans in 2017.

For fans of: A Wilhelm Scream, Strike Anywhere, Strung Out

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Splitters – Last Time I Swear

“”Last Time I Swear” unveils everything I expect from a melodic punk album, and Splitters have come out of nowhere to show potential that they can contend with some of the bigger names in the genre. This is the sort of band I expect to see feeling at home in the Fat Wreck Chords family and I have no doubt that this is just a taster of what Splitters can produce.”

For The Fans Of: Anti-Flag, Against Me, The Flatliners, The Lawrence Arms

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Sum 41 – 13 Voices: Review

For fans of the darker and more mature sounding Sum 41, “13 Voices” should make you happy. A big part of me is glad, because “Chuck” was great, and to see the band head back in the direction of that album almost feels like Canadians are back to delivering what comes naturally to them. This album certainly is a lot more hooking in an initial manner than the last couple of albums. It’s definitely the best material the band have produced over the last decade – This is incredible in itself considering the state of Whibley just a couple of years ago, I would never have expected this.

For The Fans Of: Billy Talent, Boxcar Racer, (later) My Chemical Romance

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Wonk Unit – Mr Splashy : Review

For the most part then, “Mr Splashy” is highly enjoyable, and everything one expects from Wonk Unit. From the childish “ba-ba-ba” chants in the opening track “Awful Jeans” to the somewhat off-key singing in the album closer, “We are the England”, the mannerisms of the band remain largely the same. A lot of it feels as if the London band is the answer to the immature side of NOFX, and no other United Kingdom-based outfit has come even close to replicating the same level of adolescence in their lyricism and delivery of songs.

For The Fans Of: NOFX, Revenge of the Psychotronic Man, Moral Dilemma

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The Interrupters – Say It Out Loud: Review

““Say It Out Loud” is another one of those albums that just feels like part two of its predecessor. No real changes. But, it’s hard to complain when every song is great. Every song makes you want to either dance around or rock out, and they all certainly make you want to lose your voice singing along. When an album can make you want to see the band live, then what does it matter if it’s far from original? The Interrupters can keep doing what they do and won’t have to worry about alienating their fans.”

For The Fans Of: Rancid, The Distillers, Tim Armstrong (solo)

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The Decline – Are You Gonna Eat That (Reissue): Album Review

“If it wasn’t for the strong Aussie accent, you would easily mistake The Decline for another Californian punk band that would have been huge in the 90s. And there is no reason that this band can’t be big, Recently I’ve liked variety but The Decline have kept me entertained for the full half hour of this album. Keep note, this band is going places. I’m just gutted it’s taken me five years to hear this album.”

For fans of: NOFX, Pennywise, Lagwagon, MxPx

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